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北京市居家養老服務政策:挑戰、倫理與建議, Wenye Xie Jan 2017

北京市居家養老服務政策:挑戰、倫理與建議, Wenye Xie

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

One of the current challenges in healthcare services is elder care, as China has been an aging society since 2000. Should the government implement policies to promote home-care services when many Chinese are unable to afford long-term institutional care, even if such institutional care is available? This essay conducts a survey of the situation in Beijing and examines the local government’s elderly service policies. The paper also offers a Confucian ethical approach to the issue and makes policy recommendations for home-care services. The author contends that although modern families tend to be smaller and urban lifestyles are different from ...

張仲景醫學倫理學思想述評, Jinhai Yan, Yanjie Peng, Yue Yang Jan 2015

張仲景醫學倫理學思想述評, Jinhai Yan, Yanjie Peng, Yue Yang

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

Zhang Zongjing (150-219), known as the Chinese Hippocrates, was one of the most eminent physicians in China during the Han Dynasty. In the Shanghailun, a famous treatise on cold pathogenic diseases, Zhang not only described past medicinal discoveries but provided regulations for contemporary medical practice. The Shanghailun is thus an important text for scholars of the history of traditional Chinese medicine. The treatise was privately transmitted with no public acknowledgment until the Jin Dynasty (265-420), when it was re-edited and rearranged. The treatise received more attention and became increasingly popular during the Song Dynasty, when a Confucian basis for medical ...

“儒醫”概念的文化與政治意蘊, Guobin Cheng Jan 2014

“儒醫”概念的文化與政治意蘊, Guobin Cheng

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

The earliest definition of ruyi (Confucian physicians or literati-physicians) referred to the literati the imperial court intended to recruit for its Taiyiju, the Imperial Medical Services. The concept of ruyi emerged and gained popularity during the Song period, after which the Confucian physician occupied a unique position between the literatus and physician in the social hierarchy. From an institutional perspective, the official Hanlin Medical Institute functioned as a special medical service department whose major responsibility was to take care of the imperial family. The Imperial Medical Services, which had initially been under the jurisdiction of the Hanlin Artisans Institute, became ...

知情同意 ——不同文化,不同價值, Guoli Yang Jan 2012

知情同意 ——不同文化,不同價值, Guoli Yang

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

In the West, informed consent is part of the legal conditions under which people are fully informed about or can participate in their own health treatment. It emphasizes the idea that patients are autonomous and have both the legal and moral rights to control their own bodies. However, in China the original intention of this concept has been changed. The idea of protecting the patient has become a means of protecting medical professionals when they fail to fulfill their duties. A moral dilemma occurs when “foreign” ideas and principles are “imported” into China: they lack the cultural and moral foundation ...

Dna 親子鑒定的倫理與法律思考:以未成年人權益保護為視角, Juping Li Jan 2010

Dna 親子鑒定的倫理與法律思考:以未成年人權益保護為視角, Juping Li

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

Due to the ever increasing number of family disputes over the identification of children in mainland China, more couples are turning to DNA tests to disclose the identification of their children. The number of DNA test agencies has significantly increased in recent years, and it is reported that the number of tests has increased by 20% every year. In some developed areas such as Guangdong province, the annual rate of increase is as high as 40-50%. These DNA test agencies seem to be free of any authoritative supervision or legal regulation, and operate with commercial motives. There is thus a ...

轉型社會中醫患關係的觀念格局, Tieqiang He Jan 2007

轉型社會中醫患關係的觀念格局, Tieqiang He

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

In describing the situation of physician-patient relationship in current China, some like to characterize it by adopting popular Western concepts, principles and theories. As a result, the concept of "patient rights" has been a cliché in such discussion. While this concept may be important to appeal to in laying out some relevant issues as well as working out proper solutions, it by no means constitutes an exhaustive intellectual and moral network of resources to deal with the Chinese situation regarding the physician-patient relation. Instead, the physician-patient relation in China has been shaped by the moral thought and practice of Confucian ...

基因資訊--文化與後現代倫理觀, Shiu-Ching Wu Jan 1999

基因資訊--文化與後現代倫理觀, Shiu-Ching Wu

International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine

If machine engine is the emblem of the industrial age, computer for the advanced industrialization, it would be safer to say that genetic information revealed through decoding genome can be an emblem of the ongoing postmodern age. Leaving safety and availability issues aside, the rapid development of genetic technology, including artificial reproduction, genetic therapy, genetic engineering and cloning, opens many choices never thought before. Likewise, it also radically challenge our traditional way of handling with giving birth, enhancing health, curing disease and improving farming productivity. Many questions arise, such as, would it be moral to reproduce by way of 'unnatural ...