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Kiddush Levana, The Moon Is Your Handheld Mirror, Noa Ginzburg May 2019

Kiddush Levana, The Moon Is Your Handheld Mirror, Noa Ginzburg

School of Arts & Sciences Theses

Noa Ginzburg is weaving cast-off and hand-made objects, lights, reflections, spells, drawings, and an abundance of knots into site-responsive installations. In her thesis, Ginzburg addresses Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, the synergy of assemblages, repurposing of materials in the era of Anthropocene, and how notions of solidarity and indeterminacy influence her work.

Everything We Touch Is Touching Us, Molly Markow Mar 2019

Everything We Touch Is Touching Us, Molly Markow

Theses and Dissertations



22 Pages

Images shape both personal and collective experiences of place in the Anthropocene. I am interested in the relationship of landscape and representation to purity politics, longing, and escape. I am critical of the role of idealized depictions of “nature” and question how images shape our notions of paradise, desire, and fantasy. Who benefits from notions of paradise, and who doesn’t? I ask these questions while searching for a way to embrace impurity and the beauty in contamination. How might we come to an understanding of the post-pure that leaves ...

Constraint And Control, Patricia Ayres Feb 2019

Constraint And Control, Patricia Ayres

School of Arts & Sciences Theses

I have long considered themes of the body. Drawing on my knowledge as a fashion designer, I bring materials and hardware from the fashion industry into my artwork transforming and rendering them non-functional. My sculptures relate to stories of isolation, separation, and confinement. The following pages will analyze how the United States penal system controls, constrains and restricts the body through physical and psychological wounds. Furthermore, they will examine how the Catholic Church controls people’s minds and behavior through a ritualistic belief system.

Profanation, Tsahi Zac H. Hacmon May 2018

Profanation, Tsahi Zac H. Hacmon

School of Arts & Sciences Theses

This paper attempts to provoke an Israeli American dialogue that comes through profanity of conventional architecture. I am creating this dialogue by displaying two main subjects in proximity to each other: border architecture from Israel and institutional architecture or non-places in New York.

Laminated Paint, Travis R. Austin Jan 2018

Laminated Paint, Travis R. Austin

Theses and Dissertations

Though we may not perceive it, we are surrounded by material-in-flux. Inert materials degrade and the events that comprise our natural and social environments causally thread into a duration that unifies us in our incomprehension. Sounds reveal ever-present vibrations of the landscape: expressions of the flexuous ground on which we stand.

Object Language/On Defining Sculpture, Thaddeus Barak Moore Celia-Zoellner Aug 2017

Object Language/On Defining Sculpture, Thaddeus Barak Moore Celia-Zoellner

UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones

Object Language

In the current era we in the Western, developed world, have almost universal free and uninhibited access to almost every piece of information in existence. Increasingly, regardless of the source, material presented to us as fact has become increasingly suspect. Together, these two things mean this endless stream of data is useless. The question is how to combat this decline, how to reverse the process of a meaningless, constant data-dump. The answer lies in the language used to communicate information. Language is the means by which we communicate complex ideas and knowledge from person to person. Language is ...

Beginner's Mind, Martin L. Benson May 2017

Beginner's Mind, Martin L. Benson

University of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

My art distills my relationship to spirituality, digital culture, and the practices and side-effects therein, into a simplified visual language. The work manifests in the form of paintings, drawings, and light sculptures. Meditation and mindfulness training are a large part of my influence and interests. I often wonder how mindfulness practice can be mirrored in my artwork, not only in my process for creating the work, but also with what the resulting imagery does for the viewer. My intention is to provide an art form that invites one to look and experience one’s own capacity to observe, without the ...

Dinner, Daniel Reuben Baskin May 2017

Dinner, Daniel Reuben Baskin

Theses and Dissertations

Dinner is an interactive exhibition which presents appropriated works of art collected and hung in a clustered salon style, as well as a fully realized recreation based on a 16th century Dutch banquet still-life, which presents guests with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, breads, and wine to share and imbibe. Dining ware is provided for guests at the entrance to the exhibit, as are suggested topics of conversation, which are presented on slips of paper for guests to carry with them throughout their time in the space. Within the collection of wall-mounted works are references to ancient Greek and Roman marble ...

The Snozzle Factory, Jeremy Michael Lampe Mar 2017

The Snozzle Factory, Jeremy Michael Lampe

Theses and Dissertations

The "Snozzle Factory" is a sculptural installation that includes glass, clay, metal, wood and cast paper. It is a representation of an imaginary factory that produces objects that are to be determined by the viewer. The portrayal of time, decay and movement are the primary goals of this installation. It is my attempt to transport the viewer to a different world.

Gaslight, Melis Agabigum May 2016

Gaslight, Melis Agabigum

Theses and Dissertations

Gaslight is an exploration of the psychological phenomena of “gaslighting” in abusive relationships. Sensations of disorientation, insecurity, and the overwhelming feeling of being trapped are metaphorically imbued in the soft sculptural objects installed within the confines of the gallery space. In conjunction with the crocheted soft sculptures, the use of fabricated shadows also manipulates the viewer into questioning the physical truth of the art objects.

Reality is further blurred as the objects extend their capacity of occupying space, drawing the viewer in to inspect whether or not the shadows that they are seeing are true projections or ghosts from previous ...

Betwixt: Temporality And Comfort, Laura Newman Jan 2016

Betwixt: Temporality And Comfort, Laura Newman

Theses and Dissertations

I push against traditions of ceramics by purposefully inviting breakage within my work. Destruction expresses fragility, temporality, and impermanence. I consider themes of frugality, familial relations, collections and nostalgia through my investigations of clay, steel, and glass.

Build-Up, Kate Lund Jan 2016

Build-Up, Kate Lund

Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers

Build-up is based in an appreciation for quietude within the landscape that is interrupted by a sense of urgency and distress. The renderings, gestural drawings, and sculptural work are the result of allowing my studio process to mimic my analytical decision making and sensory observation as a wildland firefighter. The research investigates my work in relation to Romantic painters such as JMW Turner and Sublime philosophy, particularly Edmund Burke’s 1757 Sublime theory. Burke emphasized the emotional and psychological response to the Sublime experience of terror and awe. My research also discovers connections with contemporary artists, Robert Smithson, John Peña ...

Hand-Eye, Michael S. Pszczonak Aug 2015

Hand-Eye, Michael S. Pszczonak

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository

This integrated article thesis has two distinct chapters: The first chapter is a case study on a selection of works by German artist Sigmar Polke using Hal Fosters writing on the historical and neo-avant-gardes. The study traces the way Polke revisits the first avant-garde project and comprehends its attempted traumatic rift from dominant ideologies for the first time. The second chapter is a comprehensive artist statement which simultaneously outlines the theoretical underpinnings of my work as well as the process leading to the body of work on display at McIntosh Gallery. The research sets out to answer the following question ...

Ritual Process, Kevin A. Baer May 2013

Ritual Process, Kevin A. Baer

University of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

My art is a means for investigating the passage of time, the decay of physical things, and the truth of mortality. I explore these concepts through process-oriented sculptures that emphasize ritual and material. The process is communicated with the creation of relics, often existing as drawings or the remains of degenerated sculptures. These relics bear witness to the process. I focus on themes of temporal change and death because they remain central to our metaphysical and physical existence. I see a diminished reverence for the power of death in our culture, and through my work I aim to pay homage ...

Playing House: Exploring Domesticity Gone Awry, Amanda Janette Hall Jan 2013

Playing House: Exploring Domesticity Gone Awry, Amanda Janette Hall

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

This thesis is intended to further explore themes developed in the thesis exhibition entitled Playing House: Domesticity Gone Awry, on exhibition in Ames, Iowa from March 31 through April 9, 2013. A description of artistic process and themes are explored, as well as art historical references for the works. Hand-colored lithographs comprise the majority of the catalog, and are joined by modern renditions of traditional art of the home, such as embroidery and cross stitching. These methods and mediums are used to emphasize the gap between the way domesticity is viewed as an ideal, and the more ugly realism of ...