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Towards The Poetic, Noel Brady May 1989

Towards The Poetic, Noel Brady

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The thesis purports to build a theory for the analysis and synthesis of architecture. It identifies a poetic strutcure which contextualises the production of arhcitecture while aspiring towards universal themes of dwelling and belonging. Using a number of case studies it uses deep reading of the artefacts to confirm the theoretical concepts.

A Pilgrim's Progress And Preface, Cliff Edwards Jan 1989

A Pilgrim's Progress And Preface, Cliff Edwards

World Studies Publications

Preface and chapter one of Cliff Edward's book, Van Gogh and God.

From the preface: "My purpose in this book is to help us move in the direction that sensitive art critics have pointed out, to enter the territory that theologians have generally ignored: the creative spiritual quest of Vincent van Gogh that he expressed in both word and image. It is my conclusion, after several years of investigation, that an understanding of van Gogh from the perspective of his spiritual search is a key to the unity of the artist's life and work, casting new light on ...

High Art, Folk Art, And Other Social Distinctions, Gary Shapiro Jan 1989

High Art, Folk Art, And Other Social Distinctions, Gary Shapiro

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Most discussions of the arts by critics and philosophers could be characterized in terms of a rather studied neglect of folk and popular art. This neglect is hardly absolute, however, for it is important in order to articulate a specific conception of aesthetic taste, beauty, or style to contrast the standard being used or praised with some other, less desirable, even degraded way of producing or appreciating something similar. It is perhaps more than a historical coincidence that the formation of the modern concept of taste and aesthetic judgment, in the eighteenth century, coincides roughly with the discovery and valorization ...