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Liable To Change, Jody Travis Thompson May 2019

Liable To Change, Jody Travis Thompson

Theses and Dissertations

Liable to Change is a body of paintings in which I explore diverse approaches to the representation of visual space. Depictions of space and movement change throughout the pictures by combining various artistic conventions, such as trompe l’oeil realism and non-objective, geometric abstraction. Oil paint, resin, beeswax, and other materials create built-up surfaces which contain the history of their making. Interaction between various finishes and light on these surfaces changes based on the viewers' proximity to the painting. Images of monkey bars, lattice, golden ratio and flower of life patterns provide a structure through which line, form, and space ...

Good Dyke Art, Sam M. Mack May 2019

Good Dyke Art, Sam M. Mack

Theses and Dissertations

The work in good dyke art visually expands upon conversations about institutional critique and its contradictions, specifically questioning who dictates the boundaries between institutions and bodies: how divisions are made between them and who enacts or receives force. One’s participation in this critique, however, indicates a participation in the problematics of the institution and by extension, a desire to critique may also be considered a desire to participate in that system.

Ceramic, glaze, and found objects manifest an allegorical formalism that utilizes coded languages of institutional spaces, traditions of queer-coding, and charged word-play. The ceramic vessel forms reference the ...

The Work Of Living Art, Empathy, And The Creation Of An Aesthetics Of Perception In The Early Twentieth Century, Sarah Peil Winstead May 2018

The Work Of Living Art, Empathy, And The Creation Of An Aesthetics Of Perception In The Early Twentieth Century, Sarah Peil Winstead

Architecture Undergraduate Honors Theses

Adolphe Appia (1862-1928), theorist and pioneering voice of the New Stagecraft Movement in twentieth century theatre, was a transformative influence on the history of scenic design. This paper looks at the links between Appia’s theories in theatre scenic design and contemporaneous German aesthetic theory. At the time German theorists like Adolf Hildebrand and August Schmarsow developed an aesthetic theory, Einfülung or empathy theory, based on the connection between the human body and perception. I will argue this theory influenced not only Appia and his contemporaries it also shaped the landscape of mid-century theatre design. Appia’s own theories revolved ...

Offside, Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi Dec 2017

Offside, Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi

Theses and Dissertations

OFFSIDE highlights the parallels between artists and athletes, as well as the professional communities in which both operate. Through the use of sports related imagery, the artwork explores notions of ethnicity, gender, and politics. While much of the work is autobiographical, OFFSIDE is able to consider the political and personal views surrounding a young Muslim woman while lives with constant uncertainty in the United States and trying to start a career in one of the most competitive cultural fields.

Dinner, Daniel Reuben Baskin May 2017

Dinner, Daniel Reuben Baskin

Theses and Dissertations

Dinner is an interactive exhibition which presents appropriated works of art collected and hung in a clustered salon style, as well as a fully realized recreation based on a 16th century Dutch banquet still-life, which presents guests with meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, breads, and wine to share and imbibe. Dining ware is provided for guests at the entrance to the exhibit, as are suggested topics of conversation, which are presented on slips of paper for guests to carry with them throughout their time in the space. Within the collection of wall-mounted works are references to ancient Greek and Roman marble ...

The Life And Work Of George Dombek, Jeffrey Scott Ramsey Aug 2016

The Life And Work Of George Dombek, Jeffrey Scott Ramsey

Theses and Dissertations

George Dombek is an accomplished artist who graduated from the University of Arkansas with degrees in Architecture and Painting. His career as both professor and painter has taken him around the world and produced a substantial body of work. This work seeks to examine his art in a larger art historical context and consider the development of the subjects and style of his paintings over the span of his career.

Portrayal, Kathryn A. Wilson May 2016

Portrayal, Kathryn A. Wilson

Theses and Dissertations

This thesis is in addition to my thesis series, Portrayal, a group of selected photographs. In this essay I outline the contents and developments of the series of photographs by the same name. It includes information on the artistic techniques employed, concepts and considerations taken into account when making the photographs including the relationship with and presentation of the subject, the exhibition of the photographs, and influences on the specific composition and tone of the photographs.

The images in Portrayal are not candid or objective views. Each is constructed based upon the negotiations with the subject and represent an edited ...

Cultural Atrocity Expressed In Cultural Art, Marlie Mcgovern Jan 2000

Cultural Atrocity Expressed In Cultural Art, Marlie Mcgovern

Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal

Some of the most horrific chapters in human history have involved an ethnic dimension, notably the centuries-long obliteration of traditional Nigerian cultures by European colonizers, the attempted destruction of European Jews in the Holocaust, and the World War ll decision to assault the Japanese with atomic bombs. The consequences of the above atrocities are not contained within temporal or cultural barriers, but hold profound and pervasive ramifications within contemporary society in its entirety. More recent conflicts in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Balkans reemphasize the horror and suffering brought about by cultural collisions. One of the most potent reactions to ...

Journeys: The Interpretation Of Modern Myth Through Art, Karen V. Dick Jan 2000

Journeys: The Interpretation Of Modern Myth Through Art, Karen V. Dick

Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal

"Journeys" primarily investigates the interpretation of one form of expression to another; i.e., the visual interpretation of myth through an in terms of the contemporary individual's psychological voyage. The basis for this study comes from the writings of noted scholar Joseph Campbell and others who place myth in the position of the inward, not the outward journey in the quest for human discovery. As Bill Moyers so eloquently states in The Power of Myth. "myths are the stories of our search through the ages for truth, for meaning, for significance. We all need to tell our story and ...