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Full-Text Articles in Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture

Lessons For Life, Andrew Becker Aug 2018

Lessons For Life, Andrew Becker

Best Integrated Writing

Andrew’s paper is well structured, and it clearly shows his interaction with the material he chose to read and displays his beginning personal journey in understanding Zen Buddhism. The rewrites and editing of the paper he composed brought him closer to what he was trying to say. The final version of his writing and editing process exhibits the discipline a first-year student can master. Those who research the brain tell us that when a student makes the type of personal connection that Andrew has with the academic material the student remembers the material studied long after the class has ...

The Struggle Within, Robert Puthoff Aug 2018

The Struggle Within, Robert Puthoff

Best Integrated Writing

In The Struggle Within, Bob seeks to understand basic teachings for Hindus in The Bhagavad Gita and then ambitiously seeks to apply some of those lessons to his own life as a college student. Bob is one of the few students who chose to read The Bhagavad Gita, which speaks to his ability to challenge himself academically; in addition, he also uses one of the class’s textbooks to help him decipher key elements of the story. Bob’s leap from The Bhagavad Gita into his own life experience is a tribute to his ability to look at his life ...

Gone With The Wind, Mike Fallen Aug 2018

Gone With The Wind, Mike Fallen

Best Integrated Writing

This essay is in response to an assignment that required students to select a short book of the Bible and discuss it in two parts. The first section offers an academic appreciation and analysis of the work. In part two students were challenged with imagining that they were a disciple of the author of the book and were asked to compose a funeral eulogy for their recently deceased teacher. Mike’s wonderful essay on Ecclesiastes, a biblical meditation on the meaning of life, is consistently engaging. At times lyrical in phrasing, it is both evocative and insightful---a joy to read.

Best Integrated Writing 2018 - Complete Edition Aug 2018

Best Integrated Writing 2018 - Complete Edition

Best Integrated Writing

Best Integrated Writing includes excellent student writing from Integrated Writing courses taught at Wright State University. The journal is published annually by the Wright State University Department of English Language and Literatures.