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Other Journeys, Phillip Dross Jan 1988

Other Journeys, Phillip Dross

New England Journal of Public Policy

Phillip Dross was a writer. He was forty-three years of age when he died of AIDS in January 1987. Four years earlier, he had come to Newburyport, Massachusetts, to live and to face hard realities about himself — the legacy of a painful, confusing childhood in Florida, where he grew up, bouts with alcoholism, and his own shortcomings as a writer, for although he drove his friends to distraction talking about writing, he could not endure long hours alone, especially at the typewriter.

He made progress — the slow, plodding progress that characterizes the struggle within oneself that can be resolved only ...

We Were There, Irene Burns Jan 1988

We Were There, Irene Burns

New England Journal of Public Policy

Irene Burns and Robin Macdonald are friends. Neither knew Mitchell Holsman or Gretta Wren. And neither did Mitchell or Gretta know each other. All four live and work in New York City — Irene as a telecommunications consultant; Robin as a paralegal; Gretta as an office administrator; and Mitchell as a fashion designer — and all four were friends of John Krieter. It was the love inspired by that friendship that brought them together to care for him. He died of AIDS on January 24, 1988.

Accounts Of An Illness: Extracts, Ron Schreiber Jan 1988

Accounts Of An Illness: Extracts, Ron Schreiber

New England Journal of Public Policy

The following pieces, with an introduction by the author, are from a work in progress entitled John, to be published in the fall of 1988 by Hanging Loose Press and Calamus Books, New York City. In this work, Ron Schreiber, John's lover of nine years, writes a chronicle of a terminal illness from diagnosis to death.

Ron Schreiber's poems first appeared in Radical America's "Facing AIDS," a special issue devoted to AIDS.