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The Pretty Pink Box, Allie Knapp Aug 2019

The Pretty Pink Box, Allie Knapp

Dissenting Voices

This essay focuses on the consumerization, capitalization, and popularization of feminism within mainstream culture: how it is branded, how it is portrayed, and who it represents. As a young consumer and feminist, I acknowledge that this needs to be addressed for the sole reason that feminism is not a trend or fad that can afford to die out for its goals and strife are far from over- when we water down a political and social movement based on equality into nothing more than a trendy label, we put our needs at risk. It is important to critique and question what ...

The Abortion Fight: Neither Worn Nor Won, Angelica Whitehorne Aug 2019

The Abortion Fight: Neither Worn Nor Won, Angelica Whitehorne

Dissenting Voices

This paper includes a narrative intended to allow readers to embody a kind of ‘pregnancy panic’ often overlooked in the politics of reproductive rights. In an issue revolving around the biological anatomy of the person, their own feelings, needs, and experiences are not often weighed in the arguments. Through this narrative’s character, readers can reconnect to the humanity of fear and bridge a better understanding that abortion is not a gleeful murder but a necessity for survival and medical agency.

A Face Of Poverty, Melissa Brown Sep 2017

A Face Of Poverty, Melissa Brown

Dissenting Voices

The circumstances are different for every individual who lives in poverty. Society foremost believe the information about poverty from people who have not experienced it, as opposed to the people who have. When people in poverty try to defend themselves from societal stereotypes, they are pushed back and told to know their place. It is as if we have zero credibility in our experiences living in poverty. The policies targeting people in poverty do not include us in the decision making. We are told to just get up and walk out of poverty. We are stereotyped and shunned from the ...