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Full-Text Articles in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Queer Ageing, Mark Hughes Jan 2011

Queer Ageing, Mark Hughes

Professor Mark Hughes

This paper examines the potential of queer ideas for social gerontology and aged care practice. It overviews developments in lesbian and gay gerontology, and questions heteronormative influences within this literature, particularly in relation to its reliance on concepts such as ‘successful ageing’. The value of a queer approach to ageing and aged care practice lies in its challenging of restrictive binary definitions of both homosexuality and old age. It is argued that a queer ageing approach would encounter older people not just as bodies with sexual needs, but also as erotic beings with diverse sexualities to be celebrated and desired ...

Older Lesbians And Gays Accessing Health And Aged-Care Services, Mark Hughes Jan 2011

Older Lesbians And Gays Accessing Health And Aged-Care Services, Mark Hughes

Professor Mark Hughes

The present paper examines older lesbian and gay people's experiences of and expectations for the delivery of health and aged-care services. In-depth narrative interviews were conducted with older gays and lesbians in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney (NSW, Australia). Data were analysed by identifying evaluative statements within specific narratives and grouping these statements into themes. Participants reflected on the meaning of their sexual identity and how they would like it to be acknowledged when in contact with health and aged-care service providers. In addition to direct discrimination, participants reported a more indirect form of discrimination in providers' assumption ...