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Durability Of Bone, Blake Lapin Jan 2019

Durability Of Bone, Blake Lapin

CMC Senior Theses

Blake Lapin's senior thesis, Durability of Bone, is a five-part collection of poems written, edited, and compiled under the mentorship of Henri Cole. Themes include loss, love, travel, disability, and home.

Choking Hazards, Tessa Hathaway May 2018

Choking Hazards, Tessa Hathaway

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The following manuscript is a creative writing thesis in poetry. The goal of the thesis was to expand my abilities as a poet and find a cohesion in my work. I wanted to utilize some skills gain in a fiction workshop and apply them to poetry, as well as gain influences in various fields of expertise through the other courses I’ve been taking in the English department. Essays for a poetics class, novels for an American literature class, and short stories for a fiction workshop gave me a base from which to work from and draw inspiration. Not only ...

House God, Geneva Zane Jan 2018

House God, Geneva Zane

Senior Projects Spring 2018

A study of faith and its many forms, ranging from the faith a child has in dreams to the God like status of a writer and Their creation.

Late Bloomer, Allyson M. Nobles Dec 2017

Late Bloomer, Allyson M. Nobles

University of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

No abstract provided.

Frida's Daughter, Myrta Vida Apr 2017

Frida's Daughter, Myrta Vida


The purpose of my creative writing is to highlight a group of U.S. citizens still woefully underrepresented in literature proper: the Latinx middle class. I’m keenly interested in exploring Puerto Rican and first- and second-generation Latinx immigrant stories. Even though some of the experiences from these groups have been elegantly visited by writers such as Giannina Braschi, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Julia Alvarez, and others, there are nuances to the Latinx middle class experience that are yet to be uncovered. Being stuck in the cultural, linguistic, socio-economic, and political middles in a country that has recently taken a ...

The Knowledge Weapon: Ways Of Knowing, Annette Christine Boehm May 2015

The Knowledge Weapon: Ways Of Knowing, Annette Christine Boehm


This collection of poems explores the language of knowledge and instruction. While it can provide a sense of security, what we are given as ‘knowledge’ is frequently unreliable or even misleading, and used much like a weapon.

Counterfeiters, Brandon Rushton May 2015

Counterfeiters, Brandon Rushton

Theses and Dissertations

This thesis is an examination of region. More specifically, it is about the physical and psychological landscapes these characters find themselves having to exist in. This book examines the liminality of the local; this is very much about thresholds. Rather than examining what exists beyond the threshold, this book considers the forces that drive us to one. This is a book about regional stasis and how, in some instances, stasis can transform itself into suppression. The enclosed environment of community can create this suppression, this contractive or almost gravitational hold the place has on the people who inhabit it. This ...

My Year Of Painting, Connor Ryan Kreimeyer Fisher Jan 2015

My Year Of Painting, Connor Ryan Kreimeyer Fisher

English Graduate Theses & Dissertations

This creative work comprises four long poems: A Series of Tones and Lines, Family, Parade, and Being Near.