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Conversion, Jack Devine May 2014

Conversion, Jack Devine


Mary Anna opened the door and saw her man. Her man was a hobo, looking for a bite to eat and possibly a pie which had been set on some ledge to cool.

Rambling Joe looked at the little girl and in his most polite manner, doffed his hat and said, "Little girl, I wonder if you would ask your ma if she could spare a man a bite to eat."

"My mother isn't here," Mary Anna replied, and puffing up with importance said, "if you will come in; maybe I can find something."

Mary Anna had just come ...

Heaven, Hell, Or Earth, Mary E. Donnell Apr 2014

Heaven, Hell, Or Earth, Mary E. Donnell


Since my first days in the Cradle Roll Department of Sunday School, the merits of the bad place against the good place have been impounded upon my mind. In my childish fancy heaven represented a place where everyone wore water wings, balanced embroidery hoops on their heads, and sat all day on cloud tufts eating water melons. This connotation was no doubt derived from the picture Green Pastures. One of my first thoughts about heaven was that it would be very boring with everyone so good. I" had never heard of night in heaven and wondered if the angels ever ...

Munitions Worker, Bob Harris Apr 2014

Munitions Worker, Bob Harris


a little lesson in love and virtue
a discourse between god and saint peter
pertaining to the soul of a munitions maker.

The Eldest Of A Band, Esther Benjamin Apr 2014

The Eldest Of A Band, Esther Benjamin


I am a P. K. I was born a P. K., and I suppose I shall die-a P. K. I have known the obligations and privileges, the sorrows and joys, the tragedies and comedies of membership in the Royal Order of the Society of P. K.'s, all because my father is a minister, and I-a PREACHER'S KID.

What I Believe, Jim Mitchell Apr 2014

What I Believe, Jim Mitchell


In the last two or three years, it has been extremely difficult for the peoples of the world to find anything strong, permanent, or lasting enough to withstand the ravages of war. Dreams and cherished hopes have been consumed overnight or in the space of but an hour or two by the ever growing blaze which is threatening to engulf the entire universe. Men have come to believe only in the strength and power of the sword and the maxim that "might makes right." The cries of the idealist that war can be banished from the earth are lost in ...

Marbles, Ione Colligan Mar 2014

Marbles, Ione Colligan


Jerry thought a moment. Then "I can't remember any memory verse from last Thunday. If I'm not absent any Thunday this quarter, will I get a bag of marbles?"

Trite, Alfred Brown Mar 2014

Trite, Alfred Brown


"Everything is trite; nothing is new." Such is the expression of opinion I have heard in regard to all written and spoken thought - barring science. Who told that to me? Was it Miss Beuret? Have I heard it or read it from some other source? Never mind, the opinion probably is true.