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Return, Dorothy Steinmeier Mar 2014

Return, Dorothy Steinmeier


Martha smiled the way she always smiled when someone said something nice to her. Someone was always saying something nice to her, it seemed.

Armor Against Death, Betty Richart Mar 2014

Armor Against Death, Betty Richart


At last the hour of peace, the voices stilled

The contest ended at last. The citadel

Is saved, and the sudden ambushes are over.

The night is lovely and quiet where we dwell.

Denouement, Betty Richart Mar 2014

Denouement, Betty Richart


Mrs. Bridgford was fidgeting. The prospect of the long evening before her filled her with nervous panic. Her husband sat solidly established behind his newspaper; she knew that no prospect of adventure could lure him from it. They sat in their intimate sphere of lamp-light without exchanging a word; the daily commonplace, had been duly gone through at dinner. Now there was nothing.

Betty Ballads, Grace Ferguson Mar 2014

Betty Ballads, Grace Ferguson


Three poems: "Betty Ballads," "Castles in the Air," and "Betty Loves People."

Grandma Brown, Mary Burrin Mar 2014

Grandma Brown, Mary Burrin


"Sit down, Grandma. There's no need for you to help. I can finish the Turkey myself," said Effie Brown to her mother-in-law.

Hmm! Sitting down was all she'd done since she'd been here. As for finishing the turkey, Effie always cooked the meat too brown and dry, so hard you couldn't eat it, thought Grandma Brown.

The Bad Boy, Margaret Kendall Mar 2014

The Bad Boy, Margaret Kendall


Mr. Herbert Watts with his dog Antonio, called commonly Tony, walked into the park, Tony trotting leisurely at the end of his leash. He was a small dog of heterogeneous breed. One grandfather was known to be a full-blooded Irish terrier, but the rest of his grandparents were common dogs. Despite his questionable family tree, Antonio was a remarkable dog, according to the Watts's. Mrs. Watts had just finished a new red sweater for Tony, and the air being chilly on this particular day, he was wearing it for the first time.

Front Matter Mar 2014

Front Matter


Front matter includes: cover, table of contents, and masthead.