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Muscle & Bone, Dusty R. Freund Apr 2017

Muscle & Bone, Dusty R. Freund


“Touch” is a short story set in the U.S., present day. Two young girls simultaneously explore the nature of their relationship while performing sexual acts for an online audience. The story investigates how female identity is defined through sexuality and how that affects interpersonal relationships.

“Muscle & Bone” is the beginning of a novel set in a fictional, rural town called Carrington in Southern Missouri. The story takes place on two timelines: one set in 1950, and the other in 1895. A teenage girl named Caroline is sexually assaulted, and as a result impregnated, and forced to marry her assaulter ...

Where They Wander, Kevin T. Gleich Apr 2017

Where They Wander, Kevin T. Gleich


The stories contained within are all concerned in one way or another with our memory. More specifically, what it means to remember something. With a fictional drug, referred to only as “serum,” the characters in these stories all fall victim to what can be described as an overdose of experience. Our memories are what allow us to develop ideology, our concept of self, and intimacy with others. Each story in “Where They Wander” deals in some way with these basic human traits by exaggerating the characters’ abilities to confront their experiences.

There is another thread that pulls these stories together ...

Frida's Daughter, Myrta Vida Apr 2017

Frida's Daughter, Myrta Vida


The purpose of my creative writing is to highlight a group of U.S. citizens still woefully underrepresented in literature proper: the Latinx middle class. I’m keenly interested in exploring Puerto Rican and first- and second-generation Latinx immigrant stories. Even though some of the experiences from these groups have been elegantly visited by writers such as Giannina Braschi, Sandra Cisneros, Junot Diaz, Julia Alvarez, and others, there are nuances to the Latinx middle class experience that are yet to be uncovered. Being stuck in the cultural, linguistic, socio-economic, and political middles in a country that has recently taken a ...

Damar On Fridays, Maja Sadikovic Apr 2017

Damar On Fridays, Maja Sadikovic



These poems are about the first hand witnessing of the Balkan war and its visceral repercussions, ripping of families across generations and continents due to religious intolerance, and an identity crisis within the diaspora of the former Yugoslav people. They interact with appeals of loss, in terms of bodies, memory, and material, despair within the identity of the self in and outside of religion, and the perception of love and belonging, but not necessarily in that order. They are largely inspired by victim story-telling, translations of conversations with natives of the former Yugoslavia and their children, and ramifications of ...