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Easy Hearts: A Novel, Andrew J. Olsen Nov 2015

Easy Hearts: A Novel, Andrew J. Olsen

FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Easy Hearts is a novel set in contemporary Texas. Justin Borchard, just paroled after three and-a-half years in prison, returns to his hometown in East Texas where his wife, Melinda, has been tending bar at the Shortleaf Inn. After Melinda confesses to a brief affair with a local oil executive named Waylon Goodwin, an affair she has ended, and facing limited prospects in their hometown, Melinda and Justin make the hard choice to accept a proposition from Waylon: they will leave home for Hearts County, a desolate swatch of hardpan in the Permian Basin of West Texas, where Waylon has ...

Calle Panadero, Giselda Aguiar Nov 2015

Calle Panadero, Giselda Aguiar

FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

This collection of nine short stories follows Adelia Villalobos and Isidoro Belmonte, two Cuban Americans solving crimes in present-day South Florida. The former best friends have grown apart during college, but when Adelia is drawn into a murder case, the outcome leads Isidoro to return home and the pair to found the unlicensed detective agency, Calle Panadero (Spanish for Baker Street). Their cases explore the underside of many facets of the community, including bigamy, fraud, and criminal organizations. Along the way, they deal with love, death, and family obligations, and arrive at a new understanding of how their destinies are ...

The New Writing Series, Spring 2016, The University Of Maine Honors College Oct 2015

The New Writing Series, Spring 2016, The University Of Maine Honors College

Cultural Affairs Distinguished Lecture Series

In its thirty-fourth consecutive semester of programming, the New Writing Series will host six readings featuring four poets (John Keene, Prageeta Sharma, Divya Victor, and John Yau) and two fiction writers (Emily Fridlund and Joanna Walsh).

These writers are all highly active across the full spectrum of literary activity. They are editors, publishers, and anthologists; translators and tale-tellers; art-makers and trail-blazing scholars.

The New Writing Series brings innovative and adventurous contemporary writing to the University of Maine's flagship campus in Orono on selected Thursdays at 4:30pm.

The Abandoned, Elizabeth Ivey Aug 2015

The Abandoned, Elizabeth Ivey

Faculty Publications

I didn’t always know what I was, but I knew I was different.

There Is An Unformed World In The Sky Of My Heart, Nathanael T. Spanos May 2015

There Is An Unformed World In The Sky Of My Heart, Nathanael T. Spanos

Creative Writing Minor Portfolios

“There is an Unformed World in the Sky of My Heart” contains works of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. All the pieces were written after my conversion to Christ in December 2012 and before my graduation from Cedarville University in May 2015. Though my spiritually-themed poems are the pulse of this portfolio, the title refers to the fantasy world of Sembercron, which I am discovering and creating through my writing. The title also refers to heaven growing in my heart, or Christ’s image supplanting my own, or God sanctifying me for his purposes. This portfolio observes, explores, and delights in ...

Redwoods, John Joseph Hill May 2015

Redwoods, John Joseph Hill

Dissertations, Theses, and Student Research: Department of English

To the outside world, Northern California might be trees, granola, hippies, rivers, snowboarders, environmentalists, farming, beaches, diverse wildlife, and wealth. Through a series of loosely interlocking fiction stories, this thesis explores the Northern California below the surface where people work as garbage collectors by day and attend community college by night, where teenage girls scam people in the park for free alcohol, where lovers spend their date night as part of a nude human-chain to protect an old growth redwood from being cut down, and where animal rights activists smoke cigarettes and seek love. Informed by personal experience and a ...

Blood At The Root, April Schofield May 2015

Blood At The Root, April Schofield

Masters Theses & Specialist Projects

This is a coming of age story about two very different boys – Jason, a Northerner who ends up stuck in a small Southern town and Billy, a Southern boy with an abusive father. The boys become friends and grow up learning the dark secrets that are allowed to fester in a tiny southern town ruled by the Good Ol’ Boy System of justice. The story chronicles how their shared experiences change them in ways they never imagined and ultimately destroys their friendship and their lives. Through a history of violence and prejudice, Billy and Jason learn who they really are ...

No Absolutes: A Fantasy Collection, Tiffany M. Hughes Apr 2015

No Absolutes: A Fantasy Collection, Tiffany M. Hughes

Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects

Genre fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction writing, has a mixed reception in academia across the world. The notion that make-believe characters and worlds could not be intellectually fulfilling is an old stereotype that reduces some of the most profound fiction of our era down to children’s tales. This fantasy collection serves as an example of how genre fiction can contain impactful stories that challenge our understanding of traditional values. As the title suggests, life, from relationships to self-identity, offers no absolutes for the future. Humanity faces uncertainty of the past, present, and future every day. These stories reflect ...

In Praise Of Mary O'Donnell, Eamon Maher Mar 2015

In Praise Of Mary O'Donnell, Eamon Maher


No abstract provided.

Market Value, Christine Morando Feb 2015

Market Value, Christine Morando

FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations

MARKET VALUE is a collection of stories about people in Southwest Florida struggling to make sense of their lives when faced with shifting economic realities.

The characters in the collection reevaluate their relationships and uncover secrets, forced to navigate a new American landscape of stalled opportunities and uncertain futures. In “Call the Storage King,” Walt assumes that his girlfriend has total faith in their relationship, but accidentally discovers evidence to the contrary. In “Luxury Living,” a resident of a mostly-empty riverfront condo gives a guided tour to a prospective buyer, revealing the building’s short but sordid history along the ...

In Solidarity: Collaborations In Lgbtq+ Activism, Lisa M. Tillmann Ph.D., Kathryn L. Norsworthy Jan 2015

In Solidarity: Collaborations In Lgbtq+ Activism, Lisa M. Tillmann Ph.D., Kathryn L. Norsworthy

Faculty Publications

What follows is a fictional account. Our “characters” bear our real names; the other eight are composites of students we have taught and from whom we have learned; activists with whom we have worked; and staff, faculty, and administrators we have trained in venues such as Safe Zone. We portray our ally (Lisa)-lesbian (Kathryn) relationship this way for two reasons: one, we had not secured permission from real students, colleagues, or community members to represent their lives and experiences, and two, we seek a way to show our partnership, both personal and professional since 2000, in action. To each ...