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Quarry Light And Other Stories, Claudia Lois Smith Dec 2012

Quarry Light And Other Stories, Claudia Lois Smith


Quarry Light and Other Stories is a collection of short stories and one novella articulating themes of violence, trauma, and sexuality. The stories in Quarry Light and Other Stories are arranged according the theme, movement, and tonality. Although they can stand alone, the stories are meant to be read interdependently. The collection is accompanied by a critical introduction.

All Aboard The Succulent Wave, Oscar William Oswald Aug 2012

All Aboard The Succulent Wave, Oscar William Oswald

UNLV Theses, Dissertations, Professional Papers, and Capstones

All Aboard the Succulent Wave is a collection of poems written over the past three years. It is the product of major shifts in my faith and trust in language. The manuscript is divided into three parts: "The Staccato Monsoon," "Today / / / A Poetics," and "Elliptics." Each of these sections concerns a particular theme about my language, my god, and my soul.

I wrote many poems that used language to find god. In these poems, those designated by "/ / / A Poetics," I write about what is holy to me in the moment and about how the instantaneous sense of my spirit propels ...

Votary, Mary Bamburg May 2012

Votary, Mary Bamburg

University of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

No abstract provided.

Talk Me Down: A Selection Of Short Stories, Katie Elyce Freeman May 2012

Talk Me Down: A Selection Of Short Stories, Katie Elyce Freeman

Masters Theses

In Talk Me Down, Katie Elyce Freeman offers a selection of short stories that follows young characters in their pursuit for self-satisfaction. At times her characters are uncertain of their talents, at times wracked with guilt over immature mistakes; but their highly detailed, sensory worlds often deliver a needed coincidence, a sliver of light to lead their way.

Chester's Place, Kendra Flournoy Apr 2012

Chester's Place, Kendra Flournoy

Honors Theses

Chester’s Place is a one act drama that follows the relationships between a husband and wife and a father and son. The newlywed couple that the drama revolves around is Eric and Raine who reside in Chester’s Place, an apartment building that has taken a turn for the worse. The grounds are unkempt, the apartments are in need of repair, and the tenants are loud and disruptive. The couple decides that they have had enough and are ready to move into a home of their own where they can prepare for the future. In order to hurry the ...

Rescuing Van Weyden, Jonathan A. Kerner Apr 2012

Rescuing Van Weyden, Jonathan A. Kerner

English Master’s Theses

This work, submitted to satisfy the requirement for a thesis in creative writing at the State University of New York, Brockport, contains short works of fiction and of memoir. "The Smoothness of the Grain" is a study of one's interiority as it manifests without being understood. "Breakfast with Mom in Summer" is a fictionalized recollection of a young boy ' s pleasant morning. "Old Lady Gordon" is a loving remembrance informed by many boyhood experiences. "In Northern Wood" is a poetic recollection of a hunting experience. "Endless Winter" is a retelling of that experience that expresses angst about the author ...

Trade Secrets, Rachel Kolman Jan 2012

Trade Secrets, Rachel Kolman

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Trade Secrets is a collection of fourteen short stories that explores characters falling in and out of relationships and coping in unusual and even comedic ways. These characters are often obsessive and do not trust one another. They think life is funny, and discover that love is funny, and yeah, sex can be funny too. They don’t feel the right things when they’re supposed to. They find love, and lose love. They find hope, and lose hope. They escape sometimes, but more often are unable to go anywhere. These stories consider relationships through the disconnection between reality and ...

Renovations And Other Stories, Amanda Rene Lager Jan 2012

Renovations And Other Stories, Amanda Rene Lager

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Renovations and Other Stories is a linked collection of ten fiction stories that examines the ways by which women renew or restore themselves. The collection is set in the imaginary city of St. Clair, South Carolina, a town balancing historical accuracy with the sensational tourist industry; Carolinians who trace their ancestries back to the American Revolution with suburban newcomers; and the notion of cherishing the past with moving forward. Many of the characters struggle with identity, whether it is regional or feminine individuality. The protagonists must challenge self-image when faced with situations that make them reconsider their places in their ...

Stuffmobile: A Novella, Ted Greenberg Jan 2012

Stuffmobile: A Novella, Ted Greenberg

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The leitmotif of Stuffmobile, a modern day Florida-based novella, is that of relational healing: a son with his father, ex-lovers with one another, and, even more challenging perhaps, a son making peace with his dead mother. New beginnings are explored, both as resurrection of long dead feelings and as starting afresh after loss. A husband finds distraction in a covert project after his wife’s death, so much so that his preoccupied isolation worries his two adult children. The son comes to investigate, and his malfunctioning car leads to a reunion and the beginnings of reconciliation. Hours later, an accident ...