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Your Favorite Place, Christina Marable Apr 2018

Your Favorite Place, Christina Marable

English Theses & Dissertations

This is a composite novel based on travelers.

The Backwoods Stories: A Saga Of Fear And Wonder, James Mcclendon Adams Apr 2018

The Backwoods Stories: A Saga Of Fear And Wonder, James Mcclendon Adams

English Theses & Dissertations

The Backwoods Stories are a collection of short stories all set in and around the same fictional small town in Southern, Central Florida. The stories are all of the supernatural vein, tales of witches, ghosts, and goblins. Backwoods, as the town is known, is a hotbed for all manner of supernatural activity, and the residents and visitors are constantly discovering more and more dangerous and yet amazing secrets of the town.

The Backwoods stories are tales of desperation, confusion, fear, and discovery. A common theme is the horror of facing something that breaks the characters’ established understanding of reality. Yet ...

Sugar Acts, Amanda Raquel Gomez Apr 2018

Sugar Acts, Amanda Raquel Gomez

English Theses & Dissertations

Sugar Acts is a poetry collection which seeks to incorporate themes such as women, gender trauma, the body and its position toward and against society, identity, heritage, and colonization, topics which can be considered abstractions but have very visceral and real physical manifestations. These themes wreak havoc on the body, namely the female colonized body, and as a Puerto-Rican American woman, I am asking the question of what it means to make sense of 21st century colonialism. This thesis, then, attempts to discover the ways in which trauma resides in the body and continues to be passed on to each ...

Girlhood, Tarin Kovalik Apr 2018

Girlhood, Tarin Kovalik

English Theses & Dissertations

Girlhood is the anatomy of a girl’s soul. Her life is remembered through creative nonfiction essays and poems. The subjects include female menstruation, female trauma and pain, sex addiction, a search for love, and the insecurities surrounding a twenty-something girl who is not yet a woman.

Safe Passage To The End Of Earth, Gregory Martin Chandler Apr 2018

Safe Passage To The End Of Earth, Gregory Martin Chandler

English Theses & Dissertations

Safe Passage to the End of Earth is representative of my work as a poet and my ideas about the world. It’s broken down into four sections that approach the world from different perspectives. Each section reflects my interests mostly independent of one another, though they connect thematically. The order of the sections, and the order of the poems within the sections, reflects what I felt was the strongest sense of motion from one idea to the next, beginning with a poem that touches on many of the themes in a single page and moving through politics, history, religion ...

Museum Of Unforeseen Circumstances, Ethan Forrest Ross Apr 2018

Museum Of Unforeseen Circumstances, Ethan Forrest Ross

English Theses & Dissertations

On the day of his mother’s death, Charlie Agate abandons his current life and returns to his childhood home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For months, this new residency enables his thirst for isolation and comfort, but at last Charlie ventures back into the public world where he forms an unlikely bond with an elderly woman, Virginia Day. Virginia is strange and impoverished, broken and yet hopeful as she maintains an assertion so outlandish Charlie can’t help but pursue the truth of this mystery alongside her. This novella is about faith and mystery, guilt that leads to opportunity, and the ...

We Are The Bobcats, Jacquelyn Mohan Apr 2018

We Are The Bobcats, Jacquelyn Mohan

English Theses & Dissertations

We are the Bobcats is a novella that follows a group of high school seniors as they undergo the loss of two of their peers. Its central themes include grief, guilt, loss, and the complications between the three in the aftermath of tragedy. The story also concerns ideas of group identity, individualism, and the disparity between external presentation and internal struggles.

The Last Cherokee Of Blue Ridge, Dexter Benjamin Gore Apr 2018

The Last Cherokee Of Blue Ridge, Dexter Benjamin Gore

English Theses & Dissertations

This work is an exploration into the life of a young queer man in the United States Army charged with aiding in the removal of the Cherokee Native Americans during the 1830s Indian Removal. It is my hope that my characters and setting bring attention to the politics of queerness and nativism in a way that has not been allowed by mainstream fiction.

Healthy Living And Other Electives, Lamar Giles Apr 2017

Healthy Living And Other Electives, Lamar Giles

English Theses & Dissertations

Healthy Living and Other Electives is an excerpt of a young adult novel that follows a sixteen-year-old boy, Del Rainey, as he pursues a romantic relationship with a member of his church’s Purity Pledge class. In addition to romance, Del also seeks a better understanding of manhood through interactions with his peers and father. Along the way, we discover how messily intertwined the church, school system, and lives of teenagers are in Del’s small Virginia town. The novel examines themes of religion, bureaucracy, and toxic masculinity.

Mexican Bingo, Amanda Michelle Galvan Huynh Apr 2017

Mexican Bingo, Amanda Michelle Galvan Huynh

English Theses & Dissertations

This collection of poetry is an elegy for what I have lost and what I have left behind in order to reach this point in my education. These poems attempt to be a witness to the Latinx community who migrated across Texas for field work, for a better future, and for their children. The collection is meant to communicate the loss of culture, generational differences, familial struggles, assimilation, health, womanhood, and trauma. While these poems are not all encompassing, they are a beginning and a way for me to better understand my role as a poet.

Unconditional Positive Regard, Tyler Beckett Apr 2017

Unconditional Positive Regard, Tyler Beckett

English Theses & Dissertations

This collection of short stories brings together the work of Tyler Beckett for the first time, representing the breadth and depth of his skill in fiction. His stories largely focus on the small towns of the American South, and the identities that those towns' residents create for themselves. Through this investigation we see questions on community, belonging, outsiders, and the challenges of joining communities, as well as the question of whether those communities are worth joining. Throughout the collection, Mr. Beckett uses his clear, lucid prose to engage with his characters in a tender way, even as they commit their ...

New Elegies, Sarah Mccall Apr 2017

New Elegies, Sarah Mccall

English Theses & Dissertations

This manuscript investigates a poetics of desire—how desire manifests in and around the self, the body, and the world. Bearing witness to desire has afforded me an opportunity to develop and refine my own sensibility in my poems, which are deeply personal and narrative by nature, and craft my work around these related themes: Spirituality, marriage, grief, home, identity, sobriety, love, and even racial and environmental concerns. In my work, desire represents a container for a broad consideration of yearning, and wanting—and how to manage such feelings every day, in the world.

Elegy motivates many of these poems ...

Dead Cooks, Aaron David Lawhon Apr 2017

Dead Cooks, Aaron David Lawhon

English Theses & Dissertations

Dead Cooks is a collection of short stories set in the cities of Austin and San Antonio Texas. Some recurring themes throughout the collection are class exploitation, addiction, and cycles of abuse. Characters often feel trapped in their lives as they try to resist the cycles in which they are trapped. They mostly fail, but sometimes find moments of strange grace, solidarity, and connection.

With Light, Emily Howell Apr 2017

With Light, Emily Howell

English Theses & Dissertations

I am a photographer. I’ve spent years training myself to shut out 99.9% of the world, see things with one eye closed through the frame of my viewfinder and stop time for a single instant. With Light is a collection of lyrical nonfiction essays that explore those instants. Thematically, the essays focus largely on place, time and a search for a sense of belonging. In addition, they touch on grief, longing, fear, friendship, art and love. They are steeped in images. They are lyrical. In short, they are pieces from an album documenting my search for home.

Clubbie: Two Seasons With Baseball's Broken Dreamers, Gregory Scott Larson Apr 2017

Clubbie: Two Seasons With Baseball's Broken Dreamers, Gregory Scott Larson

English Theses & Dissertations

The main theme of this manuscript is disillusionment. In order for this theme to hit home, I needed the character called Greg Larson, along with the reader, and (for the most part) the narrator, to discover this world of minor league baseball at the same time. This would allow me to tease the illusion—to set up baseball as this grand nostalgic enterprise in the beginning in a way that all three of us could believe it (with the exception of some expository asides from the narrator). I could describe my character’s boyish relationship with baseball so that it ...

Intersexion, Cynthia Davis Apr 2017

Intersexion, Cynthia Davis

English Theses & Dissertations

A combination of memoir, reportage, and opinion writing, Intersexion explores the realities of growing up intersex while also examining the conservative mindset that caused the narrator—a happily married suburban mother—to lose a tenure-track position at a Christian university for being unwilling to label Danny’s intersex condition as “repugnant” and “offensive to God.”

A Little Bit Of A Breakdown, Margaret Libby Apr 2017

A Little Bit Of A Breakdown, Margaret Libby

English Theses & Dissertations

These stories have to do with a little bit of a breakdown. The characters are old, young, and in between. Some are men; some are women. Some are breaking, some are broken, and some are coming out on the other side.

This collection examines the lives of six people, their breakdowns, and what they do about it.

In The Blooming Red, Elaine White Apr 2016

In The Blooming Red, Elaine White

English Theses & Dissertations

My thesis is a hybrid text that incorporates both poems and nonfiction essays. It essentially functions as one very long, very unusual narrative. Though the works in the thesis incorporate multiple locations, both in the US and abroad, the manuscript begins and ends in central Indiana. The best way I can describe what happens in between to say it is an exploration of trauma, mental illness, and what healing sometimes looks like. Though much of what is contained here has been called “dark” and “visceral,” I don’t like to leave it at that. Instead, I see the potential for ...

The Secret Society Of Fish-Gazers, Hannah Woodlan Apr 2016

The Secret Society Of Fish-Gazers, Hannah Woodlan

English Theses & Dissertations

This collection of stories focuses on characters who are lost in the sense that they know themselves only in terms of what has happened to them and who subconsciously see their lives in terms of fairy-tales. They wait for destiny to knock on their door, or think they have been forced into a destiny not of their choosing. Only when they free themselves of the notion than an outside force dictates their choices can they recast themselves as heroes of their own quests and enter the world.

Misplaced Boys, Shori Matsumoto Apr 2016

Misplaced Boys, Shori Matsumoto

English Theses & Dissertations

The stories in Misplaced Boys present characters deeply affected by parental relationships. The stories are set in locations across the U.S.—Baltimore, New York, Kansas; an elementary school, a suburban home—and feature characters grappling with the question of how to live in the absence of a parental figure: a young and inexperienced teacher trying to reconcile the gaping disparities between expectation and reality; a successful voice actor selling his voice and dealing with the consequences; a delusional man who becomes obsessed with self-reliance after his father’s death and clambers to get to his funeral; an elementary school ...

Sex, Love, And Black Lives, Mack Curry Iv Apr 2016

Sex, Love, And Black Lives, Mack Curry Iv

English Theses & Dissertations

The title of my thesis is Sex, Love, and Black Lives. This title embodies the three prominent aspects of my life: intimacy, relationships, and being black in America. These subjects are important to me because they influence a lot of my writing. They have also made played a key role in shaping me into the person I am today. Section one will focus on my sexual experiences, section two will focus on romantic and platonic relationships I’ve had, and section three will focus on my perspective of being black in America.

Writing about my various thoughts and opinions allowed ...

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Leslie Samuels Entsminger Apr 2016

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Leslie Samuels Entsminger

English Theses & Dissertations

The stories in this compilation, some in a realistic vein and others set in alternate realities, explore themes of loss by examining various “world gone wrong” scenarios where the main characters lose some form of control. By classifying the stories according to Taxonomic nomenclature (Kingdom, Phylum, etc.,) the stories slot into categories that both hint at the content of the story and imply a universality of human experience. Throughout the compilation, protagonists, attempting to understand their loss, must work out how to proceed—either in concert with or against—the ethical framework created within the story.

Well This Was Unexpected: Stories From My Life, Barbara Middlebrook Apr 2016

Well This Was Unexpected: Stories From My Life, Barbara Middlebrook

English Theses & Dissertations

A creative nonfiction thesis consisting of essays or stories drawn from my life.

Versus Los Angeles, Thomas Vincent Kelly Apr 2016

Versus Los Angeles, Thomas Vincent Kelly

English Theses & Dissertations

The poems included in this manuscript construct, explore, and interrogate hyper reality and how it affects the twenty-first century. Simultaneously creating and destroying representations of a world made in the image of electronic entertainment, Versus Los Angeles inhabits various pop-culture personas in order to illustrate loss of identity, fame as commodity, the erosion of language, and the politics these various icons or platforms promote.

Hoarfrost, Mae Lynn Wallker Jan 1997

Hoarfrost, Mae Lynn Wallker

English Theses & Dissertations

Many of the poems in this collection reflect an engagement with an inherited literary tradition of ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebraic mythologies. The first section, entitled "Flint," deals with the ancient text of the Bible and with biblical and religious landscapes. The second section, "'The Seven," based on Aeschylus' The Seven Against Thebes, explores the possibilities of the reinterpretation and elaboration of an ancient story in a contemporary context. While "The Seven" literally refers to the seven gates at Thebes, the number is random, and does in fact represent an infinite number of stories. The penultimate section, "Hoarfrost," explores the ...

Eldorado: The Poes In Norfolk, Myreen Moore Nicholson Jan 1996

Eldorado: The Poes In Norfolk, Myreen Moore Nicholson

Institute for the Humanities Theses

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the best known Americans in the world, as a great poet, literary critic and essayist, and innovator of the analytic detective story. Yet he basically remains his own best mystery. Major cities have monuments to him. This creative work's object is to show that Norfolk, Virginia, was central in his life and art. In fact, the theatre company with which his actress mother, Eliza Arnold Poe (and her friends, the Sullys), was longest affiliated, was headquartered there. Edgar's sister Rosalie was born in a house on Brewer Street. Times and the circumstances ...

Come Rain Or Come Shine, Teresa E. (Terry) Perrel Apr 1994

Come Rain Or Come Shine, Teresa E. (Terry) Perrel

English Theses & Dissertations

This novella, set in 1946, explores the needs and wants of Cooley and Edna Godwin, who have been married almost twenty years. The title comes from a popular song of the time about the constancy of love. The story opens and closes with both the husband's and wife's perspectives, but the central body of the work takes on Edna's consciousness as she leaves home, South Norfolk, Virginia, to look for happiness in California. During her travels, she is forced to examine her prejudices, to question her myopic view of the world, and to recognize the nature of ...

Katharine's Dream, Karen Maceira Jul 1993

Katharine's Dream, Karen Maceira

English Theses & Dissertations

Katharine's Dream is about a girl born into a family of great passion and great fear. Not all members of the family survive this devastating combination. These poems tell of who survived and how, and of who did not.

The poems are predominantly free verse lyrics which use standard diction and syntax. More often than not, they employ a short line, dense imagery and "white space," which frames the images and ideas, in the words of Mary Oliver, with the necessary "silence." Though the rhythms of some of the poems flow among smoothly, line breaks in others often suggest ...

Yellow Ribbons, D. Scott Drake Apr 1993

Yellow Ribbons, D. Scott Drake

English Theses & Dissertations

Yellow Ribbons is a feature-film screenplay that dramatizes various aspects of the Persian Gulf War. The hero of the story, Lieutenant Jason Hart, a talented but quixotic naval fighter pilot, participates in one of the last allied offensive military actions: the bombing of the retreating Iraqi army. Jake suffers a crisis of conscience in the climactic moment of the bombing and decides that he cannot continue to serve the navy as a fighter pilot. The story then shifts from the Persian Gulf to the United States. There Jake encounters a new set of obstacles as he struggles with his experience ...

The Red Hawk's Cry, Malaika Anne King Apr 1993

The Red Hawk's Cry, Malaika Anne King

Institute for the Humanities Theses

The Red Hawk's Cry, a collection of twenty-eight poems, is arranged in three sections. "Calling It Back," the first section, consists of eight poems. The title and the poem rely on the concept of resurrecting people, the past, and pieces of the self in order to release them. Several of the poems' subjects are childhood and the personal mythology one weaves growing up. "Dialogue" has nine poems which revolve around relationships with lovers and friends. Though there appears to be a chronological order, the poems are placed more for interplay than for a constructed time line. The final section ...