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Balance, Debra Marquart Nov 2011

Balance, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Too careful, that first day, they sat on the floor palm‐to‐palm making church steeples. He showed her the trick where two can lean back‐to‐back in mid‐air and rest easy, if one does not press harder than the other...

Cell, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Cell, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Lately I've been calling myself when necessity requires, the landline part of me who has a meeting and must be out the door dials the cell self lost in the deep pocket...

Greyhound Days, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Greyhound Days, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Because your mother is the Typhoid Mary

of travel. Because lightning, blizzards,

everything but locusts, plague her travel days.

Because that one time in Minneapolis,

some pilot-error, failing engine part, or

threat of nuclear disaster necessitated

an overnight stay, she now refuses to fly.

Those Desirable Things, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Those Desirable Things, Debra Marquart

English Publications

My copy of A Room of One's Own is old, purchased used in the university bookstore I attended in the 1980s. In the years since, it's been pushed deep into the corner of the shelf by other books-Rich, Lorde, Kristeva, Cixous. A small book, it holds down the dusty edge.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Weather, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Weather, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Footage of a tornado this spring morning on The Weather Channel. Tuberous as a taproot, it dips, retracts, stretches thin, then holds, taut as a sprung coil. Dark topsoil rises in spinning wisps as the funnel makes contact with the ground, widens, then moves like a vacuum across flat, unfortunate Kansas.

Nil Ductility, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Nil Ductility, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Time now to wonder about Bryce who sold

laminated timber beams out of his Fargo office,

the old growth forested in Oregon and East Glacier...

Invasive, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Invasive, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Rather than write the memo

about the troubling colleague

I go out to weed the flowerbed

beat back the carpet of grass

that's overgrown its boundary...

The Art Of Cheer, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

The Art Of Cheer, Debra Marquart

English Publications

The afternoon I bought my first record, "Red Rubber Ball" by the Cyrkle, I went to my best friend Jovita Becker's house. She plucked the single from the sleeve and dropped it onto her turntable with a crunch of the needle as the sound of the Farftsa organ rang out, and we danced the Pony on the bouncy, wood floor of her upstairs bedroom. I went to her house often, late afternoons, after Catholic school, while her parents were still at work at their grocery store.