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Whiskers Meditations, Debra Marquart Jan 2016

Whiskers Meditations, Debra Marquart

English Publications

When I told my fiance's mother about my persistent, recurring whisker-lower right, underside of my chin-she smiled sideways, said, "Be glad it's only one."

Quake, Debra Marquart Jan 2016

Quake, Debra Marquart

English Publications

beyond the groundwater contamination

now earthquakes in colorado, arkansas

the swath of states between alabama and montana

I Am A Midwestern Winter, Meg Johnson Jun 2015

I Am A Midwestern Winter, Meg Johnson

English Publications

I have a collection of space heaters. / My hair was expected to be black [...]

Five Poems, Meg Johnson May 2015

Five Poems, Meg Johnson

English Publications

Five poems by Meg Johnson: Unswerving; Your vulva needs a shout-out; No one; Father of the bride; and I'm a Beast.

Extended, Meg Johnson Apr 2015

Extended, Meg Johnson

English Publications

A female deer is generally alone through / most of the year...

Steroid Use, Meg Johnson Apr 2015

Steroid Use, Meg Johnson

English Publications

For illness, not ambition / though it's hard to remember ...

Cast Off / American Artist, Meg Johnson Apr 2015

Cast Off / American Artist, Meg Johnson

English Publications

Queen of the cast off / you reign over the only two [...]

Bat, Bat, Purse, Meg Johnson Jan 2015

Bat, Bat, Purse, Meg Johnson

English Publications

My brother found a dead bat / in his dryer and did nothing. [...]

This Is Classy Because I Say So, Meg Johnson Jan 2015

This Is Classy Because I Say So, Meg Johnson

English Publications

I am staying at a house with a screened-in back porch. [...]

Dylan's Lost Years, Debra Marquart Jan 2015

Dylan's Lost Years, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Somewhere between Hibbing

and New York, the red rust streets

of the iron range and the shipping yards

of the Atlantic, somewhere between...

Wild Thyme, Debra Marquart Jan 2014

Wild Thyme, Debra Marquart

English Publications

I took the photographs as the other poets

fell backwards into wild thyme, too worried

about appearing the tourist or ruining my clothes...

Traveling With Guitar, Debra Marquart Jan 2014

Traveling With Guitar, Debra Marquart

English Publications

For you can travel with a screaming red rolling bag

and float unnoticed on conveyors, through terminals

or you can lug half a moose rack from Maine

to Minnesota, carry it like a broken wing through airports

Lament, Debra Marquart Jan 2014

Lament, Debra Marquart

English Publications

north dakota i'm worried about you

the companies you keep all these new friends north dakota

beyond the boom, beyond the precious resources

do you think they care what becomes of you

Couples Traveling, Debra Marquart Jul 2013

Couples Traveling, Debra Marquart

English Publications

WORSE THAN TRAVELING alone is to be stranded in security

behind couples, especially old traveling couples, now jacket

and vestless as they fuss shoeless in stocking feet, tum belts,

wallets in their hands as if newly invented things. Torture...

Door To Door, Debra Marquart Mar 2013

Door To Door, Debra Marquart

English Publications

WITHIN MINUTES WE were in the bedroom.

I know this sounds bad.

Worse still to admit I'd said, Sure,

come on over, when the man

called to inform me I was the lucky winner

of a ten-piece set of cutlery...

News Flash, Debra Marquart Jan 2013

News Flash, Debra Marquart

English Publications

One cape yellow diamond, octahedron-shaped, 235 carats,

was found in the Schmidstdrift mine, an alluvial riverbed

outwash near Kimbereley, South Africa by a three-week-old

start up company named Nare Diamonds Limited who re-opened...

Poor You, Debra Marquart Jan 2013

Poor You, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Back when we were still together, it seemed

my ex-boyfriend could never lose anything.

Car keys, dollar bills, everything that fell from...

Things Not To Put In Your Mouth, Debra Marquart Jan 2013

Things Not To Put In Your Mouth, Debra Marquart

English Publications

a penny a quarter a button a paperclip

safety pins, closed and open

most ingested while changing diapers

In two shadow boxes, Dr. James Downing displayed the objects

he'd extracted from patients' food and air passages

between 1929 and 1956...

China: 5,000 Years, Debra Marquart Jan 2013

China: 5,000 Years, Debra Marquart

English Publications

not the jade ornament of a pig-dragon or the lamp in the shape of goose holding a fish

not the bronze buckle ornament of a dancer with cymbals

or the nephrite jade carving of a winged horse

all from the second century B.C.E.

Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart Sep 2012

Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Three weeks ago, my sister went on her lunch break

and turned right, for home, rather than left, for the clinic,

where she might have been forced to admit to the doctor

that the pain in her left arm was something more than...

Scent, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Scent, Debra Marquart

English Publications

That Christmas Eve

we watched Mother open present

after present, useful socks, a colorful blouse, cotton pajamas...

Oud, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Oud, Debra Marquart

English Publications

It traveled from Damascus,

shipped in a plywood box

resembling a baby's coffin...

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Bitter green, bottled dust of pungent woods

I've carried across cities and states, past its prime,

almost gone now, origanum vulgare, twenty-five years

since I tucked it in the spice rack after he insisted

he was allergic, although I'd used it in the lasagna,

chili, and spaghetti he'd eaten with relish, without illness...

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Across from Nails Pro and Forever 21,

behind a corner of glass, Roger Maris

swings without ceasing and rounds bases

on an endless tape loop of home runs...

Balance, Debra Marquart Nov 2011

Balance, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Too careful, that first day, they sat on the floor palm‐to‐palm making church steeples. He showed her the trick where two can lean back‐to‐back in mid‐air and rest easy, if one does not press harder than the other...

Greyhound Days, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Greyhound Days, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Because your mother is the Typhoid Mary

of travel. Because lightning, blizzards,

everything but locusts, plague her travel days.

Because that one time in Minneapolis,

some pilot-error, failing engine part, or

threat of nuclear disaster necessitated

an overnight stay, she now refuses to fly.

Nil Ductility, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Nil Ductility, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Time now to wonder about Bryce who sold

laminated timber beams out of his Fargo office,

the old growth forested in Oregon and East Glacier...

Invasive, Debra Marquart Jan 2011

Invasive, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Rather than write the memo

about the troubling colleague

I go out to weed the flowerbed

beat back the carpet of grass

that's overgrown its boundary...

Somewhere In A House Where You Are Not, Debra Marquart Jan 2009

Somewhere In A House Where You Are Not, Debra Marquart

English Publications

There is sunlight coming through windows

somewhere in a house where you are not.

An old man and old woman eating breakfast

to the sound of the clock, out of words...

Bookmobile, Debra Marquart Jan 2007

Bookmobile, Debra Marquart

English Publications

To be saved by books, to be allowed to file in twos away from Sister Paula's math class,

to climb those three small steps off the curb, and be met by the smell of old paper, glue and leather bindings....