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Groundless, Niara Jackson Dec 2019

Groundless, Niara Jackson


Groundless is a collection of realist short stories that follow original characters as they move into a new understanding of themselves. They may think they are grounded in who they are, but each character learns new things that often contradict what they think they know about themselves. As with anyone, it is important that these characters re-examine who they think they are and look outward – what has made them that way? Is their perception accurate? Are they being fair to themselves and those around them? New understandings of what they believe about themselves and about their world are always possible ...

Where They Wander, Kevin T. Gleich Apr 2017

Where They Wander, Kevin T. Gleich


The stories contained within are all concerned in one way or another with our memory. More specifically, what it means to remember something. With a fictional drug, referred to only as “serum,” the characters in these stories all fall victim to what can be described as an overdose of experience. Our memories are what allow us to develop ideology, our concept of self, and intimacy with others. Each story in “Where They Wander” deals in some way with these basic human traits by exaggerating the characters’ abilities to confront their experiences.

There is another thread that pulls these stories together ...

Damar On Fridays, Maja Sadikovic Apr 2017

Damar On Fridays, Maja Sadikovic



These poems are about the first hand witnessing of the Balkan war and its visceral repercussions, ripping of families across generations and continents due to religious intolerance, and an identity crisis within the diaspora of the former Yugoslav people. They interact with appeals of loss, in terms of bodies, memory, and material, despair within the identity of the self in and outside of religion, and the perception of love and belonging, but not necessarily in that order. They are largely inspired by victim story-telling, translations of conversations with natives of the former Yugoslavia and their children, and ramifications of ...

Novel And Exegesis For Phd (The Practice Of Goodness), Jennifer Wilson Jan 2008

Novel And Exegesis For Phd (The Practice Of Goodness), Jennifer Wilson


The thesis consists of two parts. The first, a novel entitled The Practice of Goodness, is the fictional memoir of a woman who has a terminal illness. The protagonist seeks to understand the significant events of her life and her own agency in these events in the time that is left to her before her death. The memoir is concerned with complex family relationships; the challenges of living with a terminal diagnosis, and state and domestic violence. As she progresses through her illness, the protagonist also engages with the wider world in her encounters with asylum seekers detained in the ...