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Keys Of War, Clay Carter Weill Jan 2003

Keys Of War, Clay Carter Weill

LSU Master's Theses

At the dawn of time the gods created heaven and earth. The creator of the moon joined with the creator of the sun and together they produced the first Empress. She is the embodiment of all that is good and holy. She is the spiritual guide to all the tribes of man. The tribes are ruled by men. When one man, Baron Stier, rises above the others he is crowned Archduke. He rules in the Empress’s name and his dynasty lasts for half a millennia. Upon the discovery of the land beyond the sacred islands the dynasty falls. And ...

Strange Fire, Sharon Nelson Jan 2003

Strange Fire, Sharon Nelson

LSU Master's Theses

In the aftermath of a worldwide war, the planet Xica is split into small pockets of humanoid civilization. One pocket is a divided abandoned military compound. Beyond the wall is the Outer Rim where people are free yet violence is rampant. Within the wall is the state of Sheol whose inhabitants are drugged and have few choices. Sheol’s ruler, Jared, conducts an experiment where children are raised without physical contact in the Complex at the center of the city. One boy, Zahid, escapes from the Complex and meets other children; Nick in Sheol and Alexandra in the Outer Rim ...

Caller Id, Plamen Ivanov Arnaudov Jan 2003

Caller Id, Plamen Ivanov Arnaudov

LSU Master's Theses

As one might expect from a young poet writing at the turn of a millennium, recurrent in "Caller ID" is the theme of struggle with literary tradition and of seeing it as both necessary and constricting to the project of forging one's own creative identity. The collision between history and the self is visible in the often conflicted references to great philosophers and poets of the past as well as in the call for renewal of the body poetic after an envisioned 'end of history' marked by creative sterility and exhaustion. The proposed renewal does not entail destruction of ...

How To Tell A Sea Story, Brock Yusef Hamlin Jan 2003

How To Tell A Sea Story, Brock Yusef Hamlin

LSU Master's Theses

A young African American adolescent named Lion is forced to leave his hometown of Rivertown, and join the navy. While in the navy, Lion acts an enforcer and collector for another sailor who runs an illegal money-lending operation on the ship. Lion also learns how to box and manages to fight his way to the Fifth Fleet championships. After winning the championship fight, the captain of the ship uses his influence to place Lion in a very competitive commissioning program. With the chance of becoming an officer, Lion changes his behavior, leading to serious conflict with old allies. He escapes ...

Out The Loop, Matthew Christian Anderson Jan 2003

Out The Loop, Matthew Christian Anderson

LSU Master's Theses

Often referred to as resembling an architectural blueprint, the screenplay is known for its laconic style. Discarding the subjective abstractionism of a more flowery writing, the screenplay's brevity forces the writer to make use of the physical world of the text to display its underlying currents of thought. This trend in artistic representation, of which the influence has been heatedly discussed since the onset of the cinema, is not stagnant but evolving. The screenwriters of today produce their craft with an increased savoir faire not only in relation to plot and form but also in regards to the aesthetics ...