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Kayleigh's Australian Adventure: A Story For Children, Diane A. Wetmore Aug 2012

Kayleigh's Australian Adventure: A Story For Children, Diane A. Wetmore

Honors Theses

This is a children's book for upper elementary students (3rd/4th grade) as an introduction to Australian culture

Hurlement: Une Traduction Du Poeme « Howl», Emilie Arseneault Jun 2012

Hurlement: Une Traduction Du Poeme « Howl», Emilie Arseneault

Honors Theses

I imagine that many people might wonder what a translation of the poem "Howl" of the famous American poet Allen Ginsberg. For me, the reason is obvious. A French translation of this poem is could contribute to the wealth of French literature, certainly. But my main goal is to recognize one of the great artists who has influenced multiple movements and at least three generations of American. The French will thus have access to this poem and this artist, influenced by French literary and philosophical movements that have even created an epidemic in the English language. The French surrealist movement ...

In The Garage, Christopher James Hart Apr 2012

In The Garage, Christopher James Hart

Honors Theses

In the Garage is an audio podcast containing works by student writers at Western Michigan University who read their stories to be recorded. Coalescing stories, music, and connective segues, the three episode series seeks to explore the theme of nostalgia through the works of student writers. In doing so, a cohesive narrative arc is achieved through the use of theme and connection. Recorded on GarageBand, an apple sound editing product, the project endeavors to bring together disparate stories, poems, and essays together into a collective and cohesive whole accompanied by various musical interludes. The author of the project provides introduction ...

Chester's Place, Kendra Flournoy Apr 2012

Chester's Place, Kendra Flournoy

Honors Theses

Chester’s Place is a one act drama that follows the relationships between a husband and wife and a father and son. The newlywed couple that the drama revolves around is Eric and Raine who reside in Chester’s Place, an apartment building that has taken a turn for the worse. The grounds are unkempt, the apartments are in need of repair, and the tenants are loud and disruptive. The couple decides that they have had enough and are ready to move into a home of their own where they can prepare for the future. In order to hurry the ...

Witness For The Prosecution: Erasure Poetics, Samantha M. Schaefer Apr 2012

Witness For The Prosecution: Erasure Poetics, Samantha M. Schaefer

Honors Theses

My Honors Senior Thesis is centered around the art of Erasure poetics. My definition of Erasure is most concisely stated as: a process of simultaneous poetic addition and subtraction to preexisting text, which results in a product whose creation process ultimately echoes the same revision process that human beings undergo; a process by which a new and beautiful truth is both created and uncovered in a paradoxical manner. I initially endeavored to complete a simple erasure of a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie called Witnessfor the Prosecution; but was soon so inspired that I ended up creating four ...

Island Voices, Sarah Hirsch Jan 2012

Island Voices, Sarah Hirsch

Honors Theses

A story that’s actually a series of poems, told somewhat by the people themselves but mostly as it is seen by the ocean, which narrates lovingly, scathingly, honestly, feelingly.

Nine, Emily C. Stuart Jan 2012

Nine, Emily C. Stuart

Honors Theses


Life In Color, Lucy Wilhelms Jan 2012

Life In Color, Lucy Wilhelms

Honors Theses

I have always been fascinated by collections of short stories; I love how authors manage to seamlessly tie different crests of life together, uniting both theme and motif. Theme of place is particularly useful, notably as a starting point. If the short stories all take place within the same universe, a cameo from an earlier short story lends an air of magic to the tales. However, I do greatly appreciate the less-magical stories featuring life at its pinnacle of unacknowledged third-person agony. The concluding message is what really intrigues me, though. Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories almost always conclude ...

Let Them Eat Cake, Courtney Yeager Jan 2012

Let Them Eat Cake, Courtney Yeager

Honors Theses

My mother has always said she belongs in the kitchen. Sure, she voted in presidential elections and wasn’t surprised when I, as a seventh-grader, mentioned that Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted all moms to find a real job. But whenever I glanced up at my childhood home, tucked neatly into the hillside towering over town, I envisioned my mother dicing zucchini or fingering the grout between counter tiles as she pored over hardback cookbooks, turning pages as delicately as she would crack an egg.