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Carte Blanche, Debra Marquart Jan 2014

Carte Blanche, Debra Marquart

English Publications

As we were packing up the Chevy with my things for col lege, Father handed me a checkbook from the Stock Growers Bank. It looked odd and official in his hands-legal, even-and nothing like the buckets of milk or the hay bales or any of the other things of agricultural that I usually saw him carrying around. Inside the plastic navy blue cover, tucked into the crease, was a stack of bound checks with my name on them...

Not All There, Debra Marquart Jan 2014

Not All There, Debra Marquart

English Publications


few years ago, my friend Jordan, a writer and park ranger in northern California, decided to take a month long trip to Grand Teton National Park to do some research for a book. He had worked for the park service twenty years earlier in the Tetons, so the trip was part research, part reverie, and part mournful return to the rougher mountains of his youth. He was one of those people who competed in and won biathlons-the Olympic winter sport where you ski, then shoot with a rifle, then ski some more. He liked to claim you could drop ...