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Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart Sep 2012

Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart

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Three weeks ago, my sister went on her lunch break

and turned right, for home, rather than left, for the clinic,

where she might have been forced to admit to the doctor

that the pain in her left arm was something more than...

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Across from Nails Pro and Forever 21,

behind a corner of glass, Roger Maris

swings without ceasing and rounds bases

on an endless tape loop of home runs...

Scent, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Scent, Debra Marquart

English Publications

That Christmas Eve

we watched Mother open present

after present, useful socks, a colorful blouse, cotton pajamas...

Oud, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Oud, Debra Marquart

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It traveled from Damascus,

shipped in a plywood box

resembling a baby's coffin...

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart

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Bitter green, bottled dust of pungent woods

I've carried across cities and states, past its prime,

almost gone now, origanum vulgare, twenty-five years

since I tucked it in the spice rack after he insisted

he was allergic, although I'd used it in the lasagna,

chili, and spaghetti he'd eaten with relish, without illness...