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Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart Sep 2012

Pre-Existing Conditions, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Three weeks ago, my sister went on her lunch break

and turned right, for home, rather than left, for the clinic,

where she might have been forced to admit to the doctor

that the pain in her left arm was something more than...

The Other Woman, Debra Marquart Apr 2012

The Other Woman, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Because I could. Because back then it seemed simple to put your hand out and peel a man away from another woman, almost like ripe fruit, almost like another country, the late-seventies that blessed window of time after the pill, right before AIDS. Vietnam was over, drinking age was still eighteen.

Whisker Meditations, Debra Marquart Apr 2012

Whisker Meditations, Debra Marquart

English Publications

When I told my fiance' s mother about my persistent, recurring whisker-lower right, underside of my chin-she smiled sideways, said, "Be glad it's only one."

Paul L. Errington: His Life And Work, Matthew Sivils Jan 2012

Paul L. Errington: His Life And Work, Matthew Sivils

English Publications

Trapper, ecologist, and nature writer Paul Errington dedicated his life to the understanding and preservation of wetland environments and to the rich diversity of wildlife that calls tl1em home. Through his technical research as well as in his popular writing, Errington challenged us to change the way we think about and value marshlands. He was one of tl1e most innovative, forward-thinking, and influential ecologists of his day, and his lifetime of exploring and working in midwestern glacial marshes culminated in his natural history classic, Of Men and Marshes.

Ephemra, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Ephemra, Debra Marquart

English Publications

The thing is, I'm trying to finish my novel, but the water keeps coming in the basement. Not the basement of the novel, but the basement of my fiance's house in Michigan where I spend my summers.

After The Fire, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

After The Fire, Debra Marquart

English Publications

The truck left the highway going seventy. It might have slid to a haltĀ­ innocent screech of brakes on the pavement, muddy tire ruts on the soft shoulder of the road-if not for the pull-out approach it encountered in the ditch, which it took from the side. A twenty-six-foot Ryder truck full of our three-man road crew and our equipment was vaulted into the air. Ninety-five feet it flew, the police say.

Scent, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Scent, Debra Marquart

English Publications

That Christmas Eve

we watched Mother open present

after present, useful socks, a colorful blouse, cotton pajamas...

Oud, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Oud, Debra Marquart

English Publications

It traveled from Damascus,

shipped in a plywood box

resembling a baby's coffin...

Losing The Meadow, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Losing The Meadow, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Iowa, a cool spring morning with the windows open. The robins are saying cheer up, cheer up. Mourning doves coo, and crows swoop down, cawing as they pick through a bag of garbage that one of them has dragged from the dumpster and spread across the driveway...

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Ground Oregano, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Bitter green, bottled dust of pungent woods

I've carried across cities and states, past its prime,

almost gone now, origanum vulgare, twenty-five years

since I tucked it in the spice rack after he insisted

he was allergic, although I'd used it in the lasagna,

chili, and spaghetti he'd eaten with relish, without illness...

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart Jan 2012

Memorabilia, Debra Marquart

English Publications

Across from Nails Pro and Forever 21,

behind a corner of glass, Roger Maris

swings without ceasing and rounds bases

on an endless tape loop of home runs...