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Moving Against Clothespins:The Poli(Poe)Tics Of Embodiment In The Poetry Of Miriam Alves And Audre Lorde, Flávia Santos De Araújo Jan 2017

Moving Against Clothespins:The Poli(Poe)Tics Of Embodiment In The Poetry Of Miriam Alves And Audre Lorde, Flávia Santos De Araújo

Doctoral Dissertations

This dissertation examines literary representations of the black female body in selected poetry by U.S. African American writer Audre Lorde and Afro-Brazilian writer Miriam Alves, focusing on how their literary projects construct and defy notions of black womanhood and black female sexualities in dialogue with national narratives and contexts. Within an historical, intersectional and transnational theoretical framework, this study analyses how the racial, gender and sexual politics of representation are articulated and negotiated within and outside the political and literary movements in the U.S. and Brazil in the 1970s and 1980s. As a theoretical framework, this research elaborates ...

This City Is A Clock, Daniel D. Wallace Aug 2016

This City Is A Clock, Daniel D. Wallace

Doctoral Dissertations

This dissertation includes a novel, This City is a Clock, and a critical introduction, “Technologies of the Novel.”

This City is a Clock charts the construction of Edinburgh’s New Town and the development of the Scottish Enlightenment. The protagonist is a boy when the novel begins and has grown to old age by the final pages. As a child, he is put to work by the architects of the new town when they discover that he has unusual mathematical gifts. To them, his strange talent seems an emblem of the new rational order they are hoping to create. And ...

Queen Of Spades, Michael Shou-Yung Shum May 2016

Queen Of Spades, Michael Shou-Yung Shum

Doctoral Dissertations

Semblance—or parody—is, of course, the operative word when considering a text that strives to be subversive of both form (the “anti-realism” of minor literature) and social function. Regarding the latter, as stated before, my goal in the text is the reverse of the traditional moral fable’s: implanting a desire in readers to experience firsthand the world of risk as a means to live in a more vital way, outside the text, whether through gambling or another form of chance-taking. Uncertainty is troubling, unsettling, but it is also mysterious and enlivening—this is what gamblers, acolytes at the ...

Illusions Of Safety: Poems, Stephanie Elaine Dugger May 2015

Illusions Of Safety: Poems, Stephanie Elaine Dugger

Doctoral Dissertations

The poems in Illusions of Safety bear witness to growing up on a farm in Alabama and how rural life—whether traumatic or romantic—influences a narrator who falls outside of her family’s norms. In their attempt to investigate the complexities of the notion of safety, the poems primarily rely on space (and the conflicting ideals of both security and splintering associated with space) by developing the space on the page through form and by juxtaposing city with country, fields with rooms, and the West with the South. The poems seek to understand what is safe, what can be ...

Interpreting, Stephanie Jo Kent May 2014

Interpreting, Stephanie Jo Kent

Doctoral Dissertations

What do community interpreting for the Deaf in western societies, conference interpreting for the European Parliament, and language brokering in international management have in common? Academic research and professional training have historically emphasized the linguistic and cognitive challenges of interpreting, neglecting or ignoring the social aspects that structure communication. All forms of interpreting are inherently social; they involve relationships among at least three people and two languages. The contexts explored here, American Sign Language/English interpreting and spoken language interpreting within the European Parliament, show that simultaneous interpreting involves attitudes, norms and values about intercultural communication that overemphasize information and ...

Talk To Me: An Apology For Poetry, Christian Anton Gerard May 2014

Talk To Me: An Apology For Poetry, Christian Anton Gerard

Doctoral Dissertations

Talk to Me: An Apology for Poetry, explores the intersection between readers and writers of poetry in the past and the present, the idea of the teaching poet, and poetry’s more formal defenses as articulates the twenty-first century poet’s responsibility. The poems are informed by the critical introduction’s examination of Philip Sidney and Percy Shelley’s formally titled defenses of poetry alongside Milton, Wordsworth, and Whitman’s defense-prefaces as well as many individual poems participating in what I call the defense tradition: a tradition predicated on trans-historical reading practices turned writing practices; a tradition assuming poetry begets ...

Mirror In The Dark: Poems, Carolyn Rose Stice May 2014

Mirror In The Dark: Poems, Carolyn Rose Stice

Doctoral Dissertations

Sentiment in verse has a long and complicated history throughout which it has fluctuated in and out of vogue depending upon the tastes of the time. A poem that is too “sentimental” is one in which the author relies too heavily on emotion to incite a stereotypical response in the reader. In this type of writing emotion is emphasized at the expense of craft. Conversely, when sentiment is consciously used as a tool it can help to infuse writing with active and genuine emotion which help to broaden a reader’s understanding of a poem. The emotion is an active ...

This Humbling River, Ryan Dean Woldruff May 2014

This Humbling River, Ryan Dean Woldruff

Doctoral Dissertations

This Humbling River follows the character of Carson Sellars as he returns to Dine, Missouri. “Structure and Fiction: Through the Lens of Hollywood Beat Sheets” is an essay about narrative structure in fiction and film. The essay discusses various structural models, specifically looking at Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat! structure as a potential model for fiction writing.

Time Travel, Hannah F. Cook May 2013

Time Travel, Hannah F. Cook

Doctoral Dissertations

This dissertation is the culmination of a program of study designed to both prepare me as a literary historian and develop my skills and understanding of the genre as a poet. To that end, the critical introduction focuses on the contemporary lyric sequence, while the collection of poetry is composed of several lyric sequences carefully ordered to expound the literary themes of time and memory.

A House Made Of Stars, Tawnysha Cherice Greene May 2013

A House Made Of Stars, Tawnysha Cherice Greene

Doctoral Dissertations

In A House Made of Stars, a coming-of-age story set in a small community in the San Bernardino Mountains ofSouthern California, a young girl and her family endeavor to start their lives anew after being uprooted from their home. Plagued with poverty, they attempt unusual and, at times, unscrupulous ways of making money including setting up a trash can business, going on scavenger hunts around the neighborhood for food, stealing from the church kitchen, and finally, soliciting donations for a fake deaf charity. However, the girl soon discovers that her family's difficulties stem not from outside factors, but from ...

Pablo And Celia, Darren Sean Jackson May 2013

Pablo And Celia, Darren Sean Jackson

Doctoral Dissertations

Pablo and Celia, my collection of lyric poems, is composed in several voices, but the personae Pablo and Celia remain the focus. The collection is a sequence formed of both discrete, untitled fragments and more traditionally titled poems that follow the narrative arc of Pablo and Celia’s relationship as they think aloud or write one another. They speak directly and generally in their own syntax and forms, but this rule is violated when they “steal” one another’s voice, as in “Celia on Celia.” There is an element of chaos in terms of formal properties between poems and voices ...

The Genius Of A Crow: Poems, Michael Jon Levan Jr. May 2012

The Genius Of A Crow: Poems, Michael Jon Levan Jr.

Doctoral Dissertations

Every age has its troubles, and ours is no different. Military conflict, economic uncertainty, environmental threats, and other serious global concerns shape how many of us greet every new day. These issues, however, are unacknowledged in a growing segment of contemporary American poetry. Too often, some poets neglect what is outside them and instead turn to producing work that is so focused on the poet’s interior life that no one besides the poet him- or herself can possibly enter. But contemporary American poets can find an important influence in postwar Eastern European poets who have risen from one of ...

Collateral: Poems, Joshua Jon Robbins May 2012

Collateral: Poems, Joshua Jon Robbins

Doctoral Dissertations

In the lyric tradition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Terrible Sonnets and James Wright’s odes to the Midwest, the poems in Collateral interrogate the complexities of faith and doubt in middle-class America and present a witness compelled to translate suburbia’s landscapes and evangelical banalities into a testimony of hard truths. These poems explore the emotional exhaustion that accompanies language’s broken connection to ideal meaning and how both are unable to fully correspond to our lives. The manuscript is also an exploration of my own corresponding lyric struggle to reconcile what is and what should be, the personal and ...