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Currency, Elisha M. Emerson Jan 2016

Currency, Elisha M. Emerson

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The privileged Watters family, David, Winnie, and their 14-year-old daughter, Faye, struggle to adjust their suburban Charlotte lifestyle to fit a much-reduced income. Their fast failure leads them down separate paths: David after enlightenment through Transcendental Meditation, Faye after the power she feels in the company of her handsome Earth Science teacher, and Winnie in a romantic foray to Alaska after buried gold. Currency probes that moment when everything changes size, when initial annoyances shrink and reality resumes a new and disturbing sense of proportion.

I Am Adele Bloch-Bauer, I Am Hester Prynne, Laurie Lico Albanese Jan 2016

I Am Adele Bloch-Bauer, I Am Hester Prynne, Laurie Lico Albanese

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I AM ADELE BLOCH-BAUER, I AM HESTER PRYNNE is a compilation of fiction and nonfiction. This cross-genre thesis includes two excerpts from historical novels with female protagonists, and an essay on women’s historical fiction. For the study and creation of female-centered historical fiction I researched and wrote in a wide range of areas, both intellectual and temporal. First, I read and traced the emergence of female-focused American historical fiction that began with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, and continues today with historical fiction based in fact such as Lily King’s Euphoria and Paula McClain’s The Paris ...

Heart Of The Machine, Lauren Liebowitz Jan 2016

Heart Of The Machine, Lauren Liebowitz

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Rion lives as a roach in the down-below, sharing what little she has with other kids in need. An encounter with a dead body leaves her with what seems like someone else's memories in her head--Obsidian, one of the synthetic humanoid Protectors who battle against unknown, inhuman invaders. Rion's everyday struggle to survive and keep her friends safe is complicated by this unfamiliar, unwanted presence. As she searches for a cure or at least an explanation, she comes to the attention of different powers at play who want access to Obsidian's memories, at any cost. Soon she ...

Sampaguita, Alexandria Delcourt Jan 2014

Sampaguita, Alexandria Delcourt

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This thesis contains the first 115 pages of a novel that takes place in the Philippines between 1908 and 1944. The main character , Sampaguita, is a young girl who is growing up in a house with her wealthy father, a prominent lawyer in their town, his wife, their children, as well as her mother who is a concubine and dances waltzes with American soldiers in the local cantina for 10 cents per song, and the rest of her siblings.

Rambling Through The Heart Of It All, Danara Wallace Jan 2014

Rambling Through The Heart Of It All, Danara Wallace

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Rambling through the Heart of it All is a collection of short stories crafted with special focus on the experience of living where Midwestern agriculture and industry seep in to the low hills of Appalachia. Each story is set in rural Ohio and offers a glimpse of characters seeking to understand their individual identities while interacting in small- town communities. Poverty, Christian faith, heritage, isolation, loss, determination, nature, family tradition, and relationships tangle through the life of each character. While male characters are vital in each story ,my own existence in a traditional , male-oriented, rural community has compelled me to ...