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Enekas, Shabnam Yousefian Mar 2016

Enekas, Shabnam Yousefian

CGU MFA Theses

My works are all a reflection of my own life, beliefs, experiences and goal. For me art is an oasis of opportunities. It allows me to utilize my innate abilities and imaginations without any obstructions.

I am drawn to painting because of its capacity to reflect the world I live in. My goal is to demonstrate the fact that what is done in life has a reflection on us as well as our surrounding environment. My paintings are abstractions of the real places. Reflection implies clarity; however it is unclear at the same time. To me reflection is clearer than ...

Cribbed, Alice Marie Perreault Apr 2015

Cribbed, Alice Marie Perreault

CGU MFA Theses

This installation consists of a dozen works of art in mixed and multi media. Materials include stainless, paper, plastic, wood, papier maché, wire, rubber, latex, baby teeth, acrylic paint, glass paint, oil paint, dyes, watercolor, light and video.

The space is divided much like the individual pieces of art in a symmetrical compartmentalized format. Spot lighting provides a vignette experience. Light from the video flickers in the far corner, but the screen is not visible from the entrance. Audio from the video is apparent.


I chose CRIBBED for the title of the show for its multiple meanings. It is ...

Lay Your Burdens Down, Whitnee Levon Davis Jan 2015

Lay Your Burdens Down, Whitnee Levon Davis

CGU MFA Theses

I’m not of this world, but since I’m here I will do everything I can to live out my purpose; to tell stories that validate, affirm, and make people that look like me visible. Every culture has its storytellers. I translate written stories into images. Those stories can be in the form of a poem, song, novel, or play. The stories are works that I create. I often find my greatest inspiration starts from reading literary works. I am constantly seeking ways to make sure that Black people, especially Black women, are visually represented. Since my background is ...

Infinity, Carmen Fodoreanu May 2014

Infinity, Carmen Fodoreanu

CGU MFA Theses

My current paintings are not finite objects. They test the quantum world of possibilities by exploring the idea of continuity and change. They generate, with each viewer, a state of self-reflection that in exchange promotes a wide range of unpredictable feelings and reactions that became thoughts and beliefs. For a painting of mine, there are multiple or infinite solutions and I, along with the viewers, search for answers. To suggest this state of infinity I extend the paint from the actual canvas onto the walls that host it. My paintings present no borders, no frames: just fluidity.

Jack Wilson Mfa Thesis 2014: Chasing The Unicorn, Jack T. Wilson May 2014

Jack Wilson Mfa Thesis 2014: Chasing The Unicorn, Jack T. Wilson

CGU MFA Theses

More than anything, my art practice is about overcoming the proclivity to collude with stagnation. Somewhere in the middle of the endless pugilistic battle between consciousness and unconsciousness lies my work, positioned in between the tension of the known and the unknown. The line and the absence of it. The edge and the center. Instinctively, we surround the unknown/other with fear. When encountering a dark shape lying in my path, I automatically jump. The stick might be a snake. Although my survival mechanisms have built walls between the light and the dark, through my work I wish to illuminate ...

Le Corps Propre, Andrea M. Breiling Apr 2014

Le Corps Propre, Andrea M. Breiling

CGU MFA Theses

Le Corpse Propre, is a series of large scaled paintings; performative archaeological stripteases through which layers of material stratigraphy reveal themselves through a deliberate process of revealing and concealing.

Patch Wright, Patch Wright Apr 2014

Patch Wright, Patch Wright

CGU MFA Theses

Wright is a contemporary sculptor whose work focuses on history, symbolism, and the experience of materials and objects.

Labor, Vera Bauluz Apr 2014

Labor, Vera Bauluz

CGU MFA Theses

I make sacred objects from scratch, from ready mades, from industrial materials, and sometimes from trash or recycling. I treat those objects with love and reverence to embed them with essence and soul. I propose conversations with objects exquisitely executed, that question our social order and the machine, easily understood by everybody, although still challenging our understanding of contemporary art.

The placement of the work and the lighting, as fundamental part of the installation, attempts to generate strokes of conscience that enhance human understanding and capabilities beyond a specific discourse.

Humor and sacred coexist in my installation and in my ...

Making Rich Use Of "Leisure", Augusto Sandroni Apr 2014

Making Rich Use Of "Leisure", Augusto Sandroni

CGU MFA Theses

I make paintings, drawings, installations and sculptures using oils, acrylics and everyday materials such as burlap, reclaimed wood, cardboard and duct tape. More than any other, Matisse’s work was always a point of reference. Everything I do is partially informed, even if not directly by the work of my predecessors, with Matisse toping the list: the element of joy, play and expression of visual beauty is something I’m not ashamed to strive for. I also embrace risk taking, not conforming with establish norms or methodology; I’m always hoping for novel ideas and methods to infiltrate my workflow.

Sally Bruno, Sally Bruno Apr 2014

Sally Bruno, Sally Bruno

CGU MFA Theses

My investigation starts with an examination of color, form and line. It continues with an examination of how these elements collide and collude to form objects both abstract and representational. What interests me is the intersection between formal abstraction and representational imagery. My goal is to combine these practices in a rigorous, epistemological inquiry into how human beings make sense of their surroundings, using our minds and our bodies, our perceptions and our expectations, to come to understand the visible world and our embodied relationship to it.

Projectordinary, Paul M. Kelley Apr 2014

Projectordinary, Paul M. Kelley

CGU MFA Theses

These works are slices, reflections and projections of life. They celebrate what seems humdrum and humble. With stripped-down almost deadpan effects that are nearly as dull as the objects, my works lie somewhere between 2D and 3D, blurring the lines of physical space with the digital. The spatial and sculptural qualities that they attain induce a playful illusion in the moment of trying to make sense of what the eye sees. With a bit of precision, it is vital to make use of the negative space and align animations and digitally repeated forms with objects to retain believability, normality and ...

01:04:30:08:34:25 Retrospectively, Jo Anna Rose Zelano Jan 2014

01:04:30:08:34:25 Retrospectively, Jo Anna Rose Zelano

CGU MFA Theses

To regenerate. Things break down, get destroyed. We rebuild. We rebuild our mental worlds and our material worlds. I make remnants, collect remnants, of performances and sculptures, and of process. The remnants become the work, the physical and the video, the scars and the tattoo; the evidence is subjected to understanding. What lives through us is not what happens to us, but what remnants we hold on to. What remnants we hold on to in our physical world, what remnants we hold on to in our mental world.

"Mr. Lee", Bin Li Jan 2014

"Mr. Lee", Bin Li

CGU MFA Theses

My paintings are a territory where I express, fight, question and discover what is happening around me. Each element in them struggles with others. They reveal a world almost entirely comprised by conflict and confusion. My goal is to build a connection between my work and myself, to communicate with viewers and to question myself and my audience by representing my personal experience in ways that are revealing and new to me. Somehow, this also offers viewers the opportunity to rethink their relationships to the world around them.

Dark Inventory, Abdul Mazid Jan 2014

Dark Inventory, Abdul Mazid

CGU MFA Theses

Using a conceptual framework to explore the presence of conflicting ideologies, power structures, and paradigms; Mazid transforms well-known materials and imagery into unexpected and charged artistic declarations, working across a wide range of media, including drawing, painting, video, installation, and sculpture. Pulling freely from a range of sources—personal, historical, social, economic and political—his visual language is simultaneously layered, sensitive, controversial, radical, and banal. His art addresses the underlying cause and effects of globalized society on the individual, often using his own personal circumstances as a point of departure.

The White Room Disruption, Jamaal Hasef Tolbert Jan 2014

The White Room Disruption, Jamaal Hasef Tolbert

CGU MFA Theses

My artistic practices range from sculpture, video art, performance, and painting. Streaming most of my ideas from the African Diaspora and the American Social Structure, I introduce my viewers to a world of topics that are not often discussed in society. I invite viewers to think about how they have been trained to stereotype and label skin tones. This opens up conversation on everyone’s unconscious minds and socially structured beliefs, which often touch up on the topic of race issues. I also use the media whether it is the internet or social media to reach viewers globally and to ...

Borders, Anwar I. Alzeer Jan 2014

Borders, Anwar I. Alzeer

CGU MFA Theses

Abstraction provides me with great freedom. Mixing abstraction and imagery introduces emotions and feelings. Color plays a vitally important role in my paintings. It can sway your thinking, change your actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite, when used in the right ways.

Falling Apart While Awake, Crystal Erlendson May 2013

Falling Apart While Awake, Crystal Erlendson

CGU MFA Theses

Crystal Erlendson conceals surfaces with irreverent, ornamental gestures to reveal a daft logic in space.

Find additional websites of the artist's work here and here.

Paradise Maintenance Department, Dan Taulapapa Mcmullin May 2013

Paradise Maintenance Department, Dan Taulapapa Mcmullin

CGU MFA Theses

Based on personal and artistic research in Samoa, Polynesia, Oceania, and the South Pacific Islands, "Paradise Maintenance Department" investigates the contemporary colonial relationship between the U.S. Territory of American Samoa and the United States, while engaging in a poetic expression of f'a'afafine queer Samoan life.

Verdurous, Adrian R. Culverson Apr 2013

Verdurous, Adrian R. Culverson

CGU MFA Theses

Adrian Culverson is a painter and sculptor who uses mixed media to create installations that focus on splices of real and imagined worlds.

Bearing Likeness, Christine M. Salama Apr 2013

Bearing Likeness, Christine M. Salama

CGU MFA Theses

The world is saturated with images and things. I have chosen to put more images and things into the world. In doing so, I complicate and further saturate these connections, but I also find clarity and answers through the mark, the gesture, the image, and material. I make marks with materials that are closely related to the meanings of the things I depict. The images and objects I make are ones that I know and understand because they are close to me, but the process of making leaves room for inquiry and unfamiliarity with these same objects.

I am guided ...

All Cats Are Grey In The Dark, Kristen Bradford Feb 2013

All Cats Are Grey In The Dark, Kristen Bradford

CGU MFA Theses

No abstract provided.

Reflexions, Takeshi Kanemura Jan 2013

Reflexions, Takeshi Kanemura

CGU MFA Theses

Through my art, I offer viewers environments that function in a manner similar to public parks. People visit parks not to talk about the park and its elements, but to have their own time and space to interact with themselves and/or others. Although each of my offerings is distinct, all are united by the way they function: to create the possibility of human interaction. Even when I am not present, the spaces I have created are interactive performances. After visitors leave, my art again becomes incomplete, and an invitation for other viewers. The whole process encompasses the production of ...

Working Title, Nathanael Thomas Little Nov 2012

Working Title, Nathanael Thomas Little

CGU MFA Theses

(Working Title) is an exploration into the interaction of the idea spaces of installation art and the theme park, through Nate Little's narrative environment of Arboria. Plush Characters populate an environment that fills the gallery space.

Dab Shunt Spoor, Jen Grabarczyk Nov 2012

Dab Shunt Spoor, Jen Grabarczyk

CGU MFA Theses

My work functions as an act of bearing witness. In it, I process consciousness, memory, narrative and time through the choreographed integration of cerebral representations and bodily movement. Through forms both strange and elegant, I seek to activate a viewer’s memory and consciousness–psychologically and corporeally.

White Light, Tessie Whitmore May 2012

White Light, Tessie Whitmore

CGU MFA Theses

The work is about nothing and everything. It is about belief systems engaged with everyday, monotonous theories of repetitious acts that will deliver freedom and freewill or acceptance and enlightenment. These acts become systems, which are bought into with ridiculous dedication. What is left is the void, potential death, fleeting mortality.

I use the highway as a place of investigation and motivation building a relationship between its physical and psychological aspects. I focus on moments from the drive: tension, the possible crash, monotony, and the trance state. I use materials from high culture and low culture to form a cultural ...

Harbor Island, Joe Lloyd May 2012

Harbor Island, Joe Lloyd

CGU MFA Theses

Paintings within this body of work evolve from themselves. Looking at the previous painting, I start a new painting. I stopped using photo references because I realized that I already knew what I wanted to paint and that my intuition is more important than images that already exist in the world. As a result, the paintings continue to move away from observational space towards something more artificial. The paintings become about the two-dimensional place on the canvas rather than some real place out in the world. This transition is seamless for me because geometry equally exists in two-dimensional and three-dimensional ...

Ominous Optimism, Jesse W. Standlea May 2012

Ominous Optimism, Jesse W. Standlea

CGU MFA Theses

In 2005 Jesse Standlea, co-founder of the Co-op Galleries in Costa Mesa, California, moved to Thailand to research the art and culture of Southeast Asia as an apprentice in Thai pottery. Upon his return he began teaching art at the Webb Schools in Claremont and Citrus College in Glendora, California. Standlea has led students in numerous award-winning public art projects. He is passionate about his work and philosophically concerned about the origin of art making, moments of inspiration, and making connections between remote ideas. He plans to continue teaching and showing art in the Los Angles area for a long ...

Don't Mess With Magic, Anna K. Nieman May 2012

Don't Mess With Magic, Anna K. Nieman

CGU MFA Theses

The art is more of an event than a discrete object. The gallery is a set. It is one large piece, not a collection of sculptures. It’s very clear what is going on but the connections are vague and misleading.The room feels smaller but the projections feel expansive. The images have been recorded and re-cut and copied so many times that it’s barely a film. It becomes just a shifting image. An intoxicating scent fills the room. It’s a bit of a spectacle. The moment is memorable but in a deceiving kind of way. The piece ...

Being-There, Atilio A. Pernisco May 2012

Being-There, Atilio A. Pernisco

CGU MFA Theses

I blend figures with backgrounds to define pensive areas of focus and delve between figuration and abstraction. These paintings connect the viewer with the strangeness of the ordinary world. This is the moment of unconsciousness. It is then where elements of a narrative emerge. I depict the figure in movements of awkwardness. Images of the familiar environments of children involved in some kind of work-play activity, the inheritors of generational trauma, reoccur in my work--a parade of daydreamers in direction to witness the uncertain.

Kathleen Melian Mfa Thesis - Lalaland, Kathleen Melian May 2012

Kathleen Melian Mfa Thesis - Lalaland, Kathleen Melian

CGU MFA Theses

I am interested in the struggle in our culture to project an image and the burden of that endeavor. This preoccupation with image creation permeates our society as a whole and is not bound by social or economic status. In this body of work, I wish to expose a sense of the emotional fallout of such existence, and the truth beneath the fiction.

A twist to this narrative, is that the falsity is also a source of pleasure and enjoyment. This creative reinvention of self, although fraught with desperation and anxiety, offers intense satisfaction as participants take roles like actors ...