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This Is Just To Say, Iren Tete Apr 2019

This Is Just To Say, Iren Tete

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, School of Art, Art History and Design

My memories are marked by the desire to evade logic. At a young age I became a proficient player of the “What If” game.

What if I could hold light in my hands?

What if shadows had form that could be touched?

What if I could see through structures?

These mental exercises affected my relationship with reason and validity. Aware of the threat of the ordinary, I embraced the inherent magic in the notion of possibility. I understand possibility as the limitless potential of object, thought, or scenario. This potential extends beyond the apparent and prompts more questions than it ...

Constraint And Control, Patricia Ayres Feb 2019

Constraint And Control, Patricia Ayres

School of Arts & Sciences Theses

I have long considered themes of the body. Drawing on my knowledge as a fashion designer, I bring materials and hardware from the fashion industry into my artwork transforming and rendering them non-functional. My sculptures relate to stories of isolation, separation, and confinement. The following pages will analyze how the United States penal system controls, constrains and restricts the body through physical and psychological wounds. Furthermore, they will examine how the Catholic Church controls people’s minds and behavior through a ritualistic belief system.

Choreographic Space, Kelsey Sheaffer Jan 2016

Choreographic Space, Kelsey Sheaffer

Theses and Dissertations

This thesis, Choreographic Space, and accompanying exhibit is an arrangement of contemporary work being done in the cross-over between movement, drawing, sound and architecture. The thesis develops a lineage of choreographic thinking through a fissure in the classification of a dance as necessarily the body in motion. Through the link of the “choreographic object,” Choreographic Space asks how an interdisciplinary exploration of the principles of movement can reveal novel ways to think about the body in space.

Enduring Peripheries, Anna Yeroshenko May 2015

Enduring Peripheries, Anna Yeroshenko

MFA in Photography and Integrated Media Theses

In the 80s when Russian state-sanctioned architectural production consisted of standardized buildings that deplored any unnecessary ornament or decoration, an architect functioned only as an interpreter of numerous limiting factors. As an act of protest against the stagnation in architecture, a group of young architects began to create projects that existed only on paper. For them ‘Paper Architecture‘ became a way of bypassing restrictions and dissenting, a way to critique the dehumanizing nature of the architectural style that prevailed at that time. Spatial compositions, which were hard to comprehend visually, elements of inverse perspective, and impractical, idealistic environments depicted a ...

More Is The Same, Tyler Reeves Nansen Jan 2015

More Is The Same, Tyler Reeves Nansen

Graduate Student Theses, Dissertations, & Professional Papers

Nansen, Tyler, M.F.A. Spring 2015

More Is The Same

Chairperson: Associate Professor Trey Hill

More is the Same is the result of my examination of the perception of space in relation to architecture and landscape. By embracing modern concepts of the grid, formalism and design, this compilation of personal experiences and memories, manifests as post-minimal sculptures. However, when considering the hierarchy of importance in my work this involves pure visual perception over any specific narrative. The final product is an exhibition which elicits a perceptual experience for its viewer.

My work is about space and the creation of ...

Crochet As A Model For The Elasticity Of Skin Cells, Jaqueline (Jackie) Bell Johnson Feb 2014

Crochet As A Model For The Elasticity Of Skin Cells, Jaqueline (Jackie) Bell Johnson

The STEAM Journal

My artwork is a result of the exploration of materials through process. The sculptures I make are the solutions to problems of how to combine materials, and create structure and form that I am able to build and transport on my own.

Architecture As Drawing: Representational Space Architecturally Transformed, Andrew Arkell May 2012

Architecture As Drawing: Representational Space Architecturally Transformed, Andrew Arkell

Architecture Undergraduate Honors Theses

This thesis project was motivated by the premise that a drawing could take on architectural meaning beyond its initial performance as a re-presentation of an architectural idea. Initially, there existed the goal to create a drawing that was architecture. In the creation of a process wherein the drawing is the research, however, there comes an understanding that a drawing may never be literal architecture; although, the means by which the drawing is created might be architectural, or at the very least, speak to ideals which are fundamental to the creation, to the process, of architecture itself.

The Presence Of The Past: Conference Proceedings, Barry Sheehan Oct 2009

The Presence Of The Past: Conference Proceedings, Barry Sheehan

Books/Book Chapters

Is architecture design? Where does it begin? Where does it end? With every iconic architect comes an iconic chair. Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Chair, Aalto's Artek stool. Where is the furniture by Irish Architects? As Irish architecture has become internationally recognised what has happened to our furniture? Is furniture design oflittle interest to current Irish architects and will this change with the current market conditions?