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Draw Us Something: Ekphrasis In Reverse, A Meeting Of Minds, Cara Makuh Dec 2019

Draw Us Something: Ekphrasis In Reverse, A Meeting Of Minds, Cara Makuh

Master of Arts in Humanities | Master's Theses

This creative Master’s Thesis is a collaborative effort between my writings and various visual artistic responses. I submitted my writings to volunteers who agreed to send me a visual or illustrative response to what they read. There were no rules or formatting requirements. The response could be any kind of visual artwork, from a painting, line drawing, or even a photograph. Posting the call for volunteers on Facebook and using simple digital platforms for sharing writing and artwork proved instrumental in enabling this project to reach a global audience.

While this experiment had no expectations or intention at the ...

Universe Of Things: A Human Presentation Of Food-For-Thought., Madeline Halpern May 2019

Universe Of Things: A Human Presentation Of Food-For-Thought., Madeline Halpern

Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Papers

I present this statement under three loose categories: People, Objects and their Environment. I consider People as human, Objects as art objects, domestic objects, and food, and Environment as the shared space of the former groups. Food directs this statement as I present each concept and creative process as a metaphorical dish. Material exploration carried me from a direct practice of reorienting acrylic paint and questioning object functionality through personified sculptures into theoretical thesis work in which I use interpersonal relations and the idea of consumption to translate tactile, gustatory and olfactory sensations into digital film. In this meal I ...

Warped Gates, Christopher Roberson Feb 2019

Warped Gates, Christopher Roberson

School of Arts & Sciences Theses

I am interested in the ambient conditions that are filtered through our bodies and our relationships with the built structures positioning us. I am combining experimental material approaches with a sensitivity to the spaces around an artwork to create sculptural situations that are dissonant and precarious.

Journey Through The Wasteland, Songlin Li Jun 2018

Journey Through The Wasteland, Songlin Li

Masters Theses

I started planning this book at the end of last year, because I had to write it for my thesis, and also because I saw this as an opportunity to create, like making artwork. But the difference is that this does not look like my usual art, being only a book comprised of words and images.

From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, I experienced a terrible spiritual disillusionment and was caught in a cycle of depression and anxiety. Even though I was prepared to write this book last fall, I only really started in ...

Investigations Into Botanical Contact Printing (Where The Light Meets The Trees; Thirteen Variations), Christine Marie Manwiller May 2018

Investigations Into Botanical Contact Printing (Where The Light Meets The Trees; Thirteen Variations), Christine Marie Manwiller

Theses and Dissertations

Investigations in Botanical Contact Printing (Where the Light Meets the Trees; Thirteen Variations) explores the process of botanical contact printing on paper, culminating in a series of thirteen handmade artist books. Each of the thirteen books contains a poem from a collection of thirteen poems written by Alice Yousef. Every element of the book: materials, structure, calligraphed text, type of botanical contact print, sometimes the enclosure, responds to the poem, providing a visual interpretation of the written word. The completely different approaches to binding structure in this series intend to not only visually support the text, but also explore the ...

A Familiar House, William Lenard Jan 2018

A Familiar House, William Lenard

Theses and Dissertations

The landscapes of my home in Connecticut are important to me. When I was young, I went to the woods for seclusion and comfort. While I wandered through the woods, I discovered a passion for storytelling. Now that I no longer live in New England, I miss the familiar landscapes of home. As a way to portray my sentiment, I write poetic narratives and create objects to illustrate natural landscapes.

I combine my interests of classic Americana art and literature with brutalist architecture and modern furniture to create immersive installations. I work with concrete and hardwood to materially bridge the ...

After The Big Wind Stops I See Gentle Waves, Eunji (Jubee) Lee Jan 2018

After The Big Wind Stops I See Gentle Waves, Eunji (Jubee) Lee

Theses and Dissertations

This thesis covers my reflections on the inspirations and the motivations behind selected works including my candidacy exhibition; Resonance and my thesis exhibition; after the big wind stops I see gentle waves. It contains my life throughout my MFA studies and the development of my art practice. Through its story-within-a-story method of narration and my describing streams of my thoughts, I am attempting to explain the processes of my development and the discoveries I have made, the little things in my daily life, and the big turning points that inspired me. My work and this document have been strongly determined ...

Phobophobia: A Study In Fear, Rebecca C. Josephson May 2017

Phobophobia: A Study In Fear, Rebecca C. Josephson

Senior Honors Projects, 2010-current

This thesis is the poetic culmination of a creative writing study in fear. Though here it only consists of the written word, the thesis was the content of an artists book of the same study.

Silenced Imbalances, Ashley G. Roth May 2017

Silenced Imbalances, Ashley G. Roth

Senior Honors Projects, 2010-current

Awkwardness and vulnerability

through continuous public display and criticism

this and these inhibiting, defeating a person’s ability

to be able to function to the fullest extent.


Through literal and metaphorical ciphering I blend original poetry with my artwork in order to address misperceptions about gender, sexuality, mental illness, and ableism within American society. My undergraduate thesis work is an expression of my personal experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), major panic disorder, depression and dermatillomania.

A Window The Color Of Her Sunburn, Joana Stillwell Jan 2017

A Window The Color Of Her Sunburn, Joana Stillwell

Theses and Dissertations

I use video and material fragments to investigate the collapse of virtual and physical spaces as memories, lived environments, and digital interfaces become overlaid and interchangeable. I am interested in the capacity for technology to propose alternative strategies in which to engage with the world as we continue to extend ourselves in new and enduring methods. Seemingly unremarkable fragments offer new potentials in questioning meaning, worth, and care within spaces of downtime, boredom, and play.

This document accompanies my thesis exhibition a window the color of her sunburn. It provides background information on selected fragments and residues from my own ...

The Poet's Corpus: Memory And Monumentality In Wilfred Owen's "The Show", Charles Hunter Joplin Aug 2016

The Poet's Corpus: Memory And Monumentality In Wilfred Owen's "The Show", Charles Hunter Joplin

Master's Theses

Wilfred Owen is widely recognized to be the greatest English “trench poet” of the First World War. His posthumously published war poems sculpt a nightmarish vision of trench warfare, one which enables Western audiences to consider the suffering of the English soldiers and the brutality of modern warfare nearly a century after the armistice. However, critical readings of Owen’s canonized corpus, including “The Show” (1917, 1918), only focus on their hellish imagery. I will add to these readings by demonstrating that “The Show” is primarily concerned with the limitations of lyric poetry, the monumentality of poetic composition, and the ...

By Measure Of, Kristen A. Hartman May 2016

By Measure Of, Kristen A. Hartman

Theses and Dissertations

A limited variable editioned artist book, by measure of depicts an allegorical conversation between medieval author Christine de Pizan and a contemporary woman. It is, in essence, an exploration of edges in which the characters examine the parameters of identity, both personally and societally designated–how to define/re-define/emphasize/blur them, and what happens in the space where they meet.

Loosely Bound, Alexander Martin Jan 2016

Loosely Bound, Alexander Martin

Theses and Dissertations

I take a poetic approach to graphic design practice. It is a subjectivist approach, which recognizes our human right to willful interpretation. Designers navigate form, culture, and history like poets through language. We are subjective, exploratory engines drawing formal inspiration from figural and analogical associations. Subjectivity in graphic design practice is complex, however. Subjectivity privileges the interaction between object and individual. When we designers interpret the literal world with the poet’s omni-directional sensitivity, we intentionally and intuitively create objects that accrete inexhaustible, extra-literal value for their audience.

Transmutation: One Thing Becoming Another, Price Hall Jun 2015

Transmutation: One Thing Becoming Another, Price Hall

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

My art emerges from decades of the experience of building myself, sensitively aware of accumulated experience and the weight of accrued memory. Responding to this life I so deeply appreciate the longer I live, as sculptor, painter and poet, I merge these individual aesthetic observations into a layered work of many reads. Offering poetic observation as a visual sensation beyond the ears’ hearing carried on a field of color connects at some interior emotional level which is absent or very different in the uniformity of type. Time is present in my current work. “Corrugations”, not only in the poetic images ...

The Hat Lady Equation, Lauren Capone May 2014

The Hat Lady Equation, Lauren Capone

University of New Orleans Theses and Dissertations

The Hat Lady Equation is a collection of poems by Lauren Capone. As influences she cites Elizabeth Bishop, John Berryman, among the exquisite minutiae of day-to-day living. The poems explore works of visual art by Alberto Giacometti, James Taylor Bonds, Chris Dennis, Blaine Capone (her brother), and creatures of the natural world including fish, the rhinoceros, a lettered olive shell. . . . Lauren shows a preoccupation with disassembling through the poems whether it's her identity, art, or happenings of everyday life.

Silence And Slow Time, Steve W. G. Byrnes May 2014

Silence And Slow Time, Steve W. G. Byrnes

Graduate School of Art Theses

This thesis explores abstract painting from the perspective of a material based production, drawing parallels from poetry to augment its position. Building upon existing material-driven painting traditions such as Abstract Expressionism, and examining their physiological affects from a scientific perspective, it aims to substantiate a more corporeal approach to understanding and interacting with painting.

And The Road Will Take You There: What The Cartographer Said, Cassandra Sharri Labairon Jan 2014

And The Road Will Take You There: What The Cartographer Said, Cassandra Sharri Labairon

All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects

This thesis of mixed-media pieces, The Cartographer series, combines, with stitches and rough lace work, miniature acrylic paintings, weavings, and various other elements. The materials come from three different spheres: traditional fine art materials, such as canvas and paint; handiwork materials, such as cross-stitch or needlepoint; reclaimed materials, such as burlap, wire, or string. Thread is used to both draw and connect. Stitches not only lock each element in place, they create links and relationships between painted pieces, thread, and empty space.

The mixed-media pieces were made in conjunction with chapbook of poetry titled, _And the Road Will Take You ...

Poetry By Post, Laura Capp Dec 2013

Poetry By Post, Laura Capp

Theses and Dissertations

Poetry by Post is a four-month poetry subscription service that will run from November of 2013 to February of 2014. I will produce one mailing per month that will include a letterpress-printed broadside that features a poem of my choosing and an accompanying literary analysis and reply postcard, also letterpress-printed, all contained within calligraphed envelopes and posted with vintage stamps. Subscriptions are available at $150 for the series or $50 for an individual mailing and will not exceed 50 in number. The inaugural Poetry by Post will feature Midwestern poets Jennie Kinneberg Wrisley, Eric McHenry, Catherine Tufariello, and Ted Kooser ...

Trace Time, Jill Elise Kambs May 2013

Trace Time, Jill Elise Kambs

Theses and Dissertations

Trace Time is an interdisciplinary book arts exhibit featuring handmade paper installations, one-of-a-kind prints and book objects, and a fine press artist’s book in edition. The theme of this work focuses on the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world by examining the tension between organic lifecycles and human cultivation, control, and constraint of the environment. By following a system for tracing natural surroundings, I document environmental movement in a series of time-based sequential pieces measuring light, water, and color.

Mud And Ashes., Timothy Mcdonald May 2005

Mud And Ashes., Timothy Mcdonald

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The artist discusses the work in Mud and Ashes, his Master of Fine Arts exhibition held at Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee, from March 28 to April 1, 2005. The exhibition marks a turning point in the artist’s work, occupying a beginning place as he completes his graduate career. The work consists of fifteen paintings and one sculptural installation. The paintings are on paper and employ local materials such as red clay, pollen, and beeswax along with traditional artist’s materials such as oil and charcoal. Fire and a power sander have also been used ...

Sense Of Duration, Lucie Noel Thune Jan 1998

Sense Of Duration, Lucie Noel Thune

Theses and Dissertations

The following writings contain different segments about the concept of time. To best describe certain feelings and thoughts concerning my ideas and work I have used poetry and short stories in a prosaic manner. I also felt it necessary to include some historic facts about the history of time and its measuring devices.