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The Zone, Jordon W. Soper Jan 2019

The Zone, Jordon W. Soper

Senior Projects Spring 2019

There are places, soft spots, in our world where the membrane between realities and possibilities is thinner. Here the familiar constant fundamentals described by natural science to order our understanding of the world are inconsistent. Natural laws are stretched, warped, and refracted in chimeric distortions. To enter is to encounter the unreal and the unknowable, to comprehend the incomprehensible. The familiar and the unfamiliar intertwine and overlap. In the zone we see in circles, sensory experience expands, and minute details become revelations. At the fringes of consciousness and perception we meet with the shimmer of simultaneous wonder and terror.

Within ...

I Become A Beam Of Light., Leor Miller Jan 2019

I Become A Beam Of Light., Leor Miller

Senior Projects Spring 2019

Who am I and what do I do about it? I come to a clearing in my mind. It is a landscape, constantly in flux: people running in and out, feelings swelling and crashing down, understanding moving in and out of focus. I am confused. I watch people and the ways they move, engage with each other, engage with the world, and wonder: how do I engage with myself, my surroundings, and the people who exist within them? Do I do it normally? Probably not. Maybe I should be asking if I do it well, or if the way I ...

Devorah, Jackson Siegal Jan 2018

Devorah, Jackson Siegal

Senior Projects Spring 2018

In Devorah, I sought to deliver an image to a text I could only engage with through removal. Unable to read the original Yiddish memoir written by my great grandmother, Devorah Schneider, I relied on a translation. Upon realizing that a photograph of the world couldn’t properly illustrate the experiences I was reading, I decided to expose photographic paper beneath an empty enlarger, one with no negative. As the blank projections bled, grew, shrunk and glowed in my darkroom, I began to build an abstract language in dialogue with Devorah’s words.

The project began when I decided to ...

Xx Openings, Jackson Siegal Jan 2018

Xx Openings, Jackson Siegal

Senior Projects Spring 2018

XX Openings represents my dual sculpture and photography practice. The title comes from a 70’s domestic frame, with 20 openings of varying sizes for family pictures. Half of the slots were filled with stock pictures of smiling family scenes, while the others just had measurements for the openings themselves. The object struck me as alienating, and oppressive. I didn’t see any scene within those openings I felt connected to.

The frame came to symbolize varying perspectives, ways of seeing, and ways of being. As my sculpture practice has weighed more heavily on my work as a photographer, I ...

American Idyll: A Place To Call Home, Bowen Walsh Fernie Jan 2018

American Idyll: A Place To Call Home, Bowen Walsh Fernie

Senior Projects Spring 2018

I was raised in Italy from the age of five and when I returned to the United States at eighteen, I was surprised by the way I was affected by the landscape I had never known or explored. I found myself drawn to American culture as it is stereotypically represented in movies and TV - the quaint houses, the schools with cheerleaders and locker rooms, the drive-in movie theaters – and began to examine how those stereotypes are reflected in the real world. From this initial interest I began exploring the American space that I envisioned myself inhabiting throughout my childhood and ...

This System Has Failed Us, Kate Murray Bickhardt Jan 2017

This System Has Failed Us, Kate Murray Bickhardt

Senior Projects Spring 2017

When I go to a courtroom the only color I see is orange. I don’t want to talk down to people. The projection is level to the floor. There are 2,500 napkins. They are the people, the garbage, and the repetition of the excess, and my hope of giving them importance. There are roughly 2,500 people in the Orleans Parish Prison on any given day, but the system is bigger than them. It’s more consuming and this is not nearly the amount of napkins it would take to represent the people in even just one state ...

Incompleteness, Christopher Andrew Freund Jan 2016

Incompleteness, Christopher Andrew Freund

Senior Projects Spring 2016

“Incompleteness” is a series of photographs of sculptural tableaux constructed for the camera and lit with a flashlight for long exposures. I use largely cheap materials and intend for their rough particularities be made evident. I have found that this lighting technique allows me the greatest control possible over how light renders the constructed objects.

The Evolution And Influence Of Art In Scientific Illustration, Ahsiya Rebecca Zurita Jan 2016

The Evolution And Influence Of Art In Scientific Illustration, Ahsiya Rebecca Zurita

Senior Projects Spring 2016

Senior Project submitted to The Division of Arts of Bard College.

Plain Sight, Paloma Rebecca Dooley Jan 2015

Plain Sight, Paloma Rebecca Dooley

Senior Projects Spring 2015

Plain Sight is my attempt to mine the detail of the landscape around me in search of hidden magic. When I photograph I often find myself in awe of these places that seem at once wholly ordinary and wholly exceptional. They fill me with wonder; they make me glad that they exist, as if ready to be found and wanting to be seen. I am attracted to their beauty and their oddness. Each place seems to be so rich with detail that it is a whole world unto itself, a microcosm to be magnified. I want each viewer to be ...