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Contour Line Self Portrait, Thomas A. Thayer Mr Aug 2018

Contour Line Self Portrait, Thomas A. Thayer Mr

Open Educational Resources

No abstract provided.

Convenient Camouflage, John Alleyne Jun 2018

Convenient Camouflage, John Alleyne

LSU Master's Theses


Major influences in my work are most notably derived from the collages of Romare Bearden, paintings done by abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, and the multidisciplinary practice of Rashid Johnson. This list of artists has been my influence for the past academic year as a result of personal research, some of which was conducted at the Museum of Modern Art, the TATE Modern in London and Musée du Louvre in Paris. My aim in my artwork and in this thesis is to change the perception of Black people, specifically Black men and boys, and to challenge stereotypes ...

Left Hand Stories, Saif Mhaisen Jun 2018

Left Hand Stories, Saif Mhaisen

Masters Theses

I draw people and paint things. Sometimes I paint people and draw things, but mostly I draw people and paint things. I work from life. The process – painting or drawing – is not mediated. That is the primary fact concerning the current work.

I see a mediator as anything forced in between a subject and myself. Following that, the work doesn’t involve Internet searches or photography or printing or projection or tracing or elaborate set ups or still lives or prep drawing or under painting.

The current work is defined by the current context: a graduate school art studio environment ...

Invisible Territories, Lydia Seaman May 2018

Invisible Territories, Lydia Seaman

Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Papers

Layering geography, space and time, my work urges viewers to embrace the equivocal and create a desire for the impossible. To explore this notion, Invisible Territories is an analysis of my practice, examining how I mediate specific references into abstract and universal interpretations. My work employs subjects that document the world by analyzing the layers and simulacra that form our visual information; focusing on the intervals between “things” as the subject matter themselves. Looking to the words of Italo Calvino as a conceptual guide, this paper discusses the practice of mapping through drawing, etching and painting.

Four Sights Of The Patient (Ophelia), Cecily Ann Fergeson May 2018

Four Sights Of The Patient (Ophelia), Cecily Ann Fergeson

Graduate School of Art Theses

I make work in a variety of media, largely dealing with the imagery and material of the human body. My current work attempts to reckon with the following subjects: a reclamation of the notion of the so-called medical gaze and its historical record in photography; the idea that receiving the medical gaze transforms patients’ bodies; the idea of illness as an uncanny and intimate experience; and, finally, the act of metaphorically retracing the body’s material journey through the medical institution as it exists today. In this text, I discuss my practice in the context of critical theory, a recent ...

Observance | A Passage, Charis Schneider Norell May 2018

Observance | A Passage, Charis Schneider Norell

Graduate School of Art Theses

My art practice consists of drawing with fibers within handcrafted frame looms. I position these drawings as expanded, three-dimensional “drawing spaces,” creating medium-scale installations. I wish to expand drawing’s definition beyond its traditional material limits to simply be the process of leaving marks. Fiber is my medium, and the space within the frame loom’s warp and weft becomes my support. I see the drawing process to be the gestural residue of thought, and call these works my “fiber drawings.” While I use traditional weaving methods and materials as I work, I do not call myself a weaver. I ...

A Shift In Silence, Bailey Idom May 2018

A Shift In Silence, Bailey Idom

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

A Shift in Silence is a body of work that emerged because of a key shift in my life. Using the formal components of line, shape, and value, I create a space representing an intimate moment in time. Physically, the medium can be any material, but I process all of this as an expression of line. Each piece shares the commonality of lines and lineage, while the layering embodies the record of my relationships from the past that directly affect the present. The abstraction and unpredictability within my own relationships require openness and vulnerability. This honest dialogue sustains and informs ...

Not For All To Know: Translating The Possibilities And Mysteries Of Miracle Inhabitation, Kara R. Hannibal May 2018

Not For All To Know: Translating The Possibilities And Mysteries Of Miracle Inhabitation, Kara R. Hannibal

Senior Honors Projects, 2010-current

The project speculates on the architectural possibilities and mysteries of miracle inhabitation. Luke 5: 35-43 describes a young child’s miraculous transition from death to life. The narrative encapsulates indiscriminating elements of the human condition. The descriptive Greek language, emotional conditions, and thematic elements of love and healing suggest architectural outcomes.

The architecture becomes a threshold to unlock the inaccessible. Not For All to Know, investigates components of the narrative’s emotion and language through representational devices and processes. Discoveries found in the process are articulated and translated through the architectural language of pathway, threshold and communal space.

The vision ...

Primal Matter, Lucas Allen Bush May 2018

Primal Matter, Lucas Allen Bush

LSU Master's Theses


Primal Matter is a physical representation of the intuitive process, through two and three dimensional forms. The pieces convey motion and tension while telling the story of their own creation. Working instinctively has always fascinated me, in the way of allowing our subconscious mind to make decisions in the place of preconceived planning. My work is heavily influenced by Intuition and the transformation of energy. I am constantly searching for the underlying image or object through scraps of wood and pieces of charcoal, and this body of work is the visible evidence. It explores the curiosity of our unknown ...

It Can't Leave You The Way It Finds You, Kyle Nobles May 2018

It Can't Leave You The Way It Finds You, Kyle Nobles

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, School of Art, Art History and Design

There’s a beautiful innocence in childhood where, although the world is large and new, it feels as though your place in it and the roles that you play are stable and unchanging. In our youth, outside of extraordinary circumstances, we are unburdened by the awareness that everything and everyone is subject to radical change—including our own sense of self. As we grow older though, looking back it becomes clear that this was never the case. In a matter of years, you can change so dramatically that you did not even notice as you became an entirely new person ...

Title., Douglas Miller May 2018

Title., Douglas Miller

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Title is a series of drawings that explores the aspects of failed projects and the complications of representation within literary and visual practices. This series is informed by preliminary drawings, marginalia, and written notations that are inherent in the formulation processes of both visual and literary compositions. Through an investigation of the 19th Century Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s unfinished novel Dead Souls, I situate this series of drawings as a means to conflate literary theories with visual representation. In this way, the Title series presents fragmentary images, texts, and digressive narratives that demonstrate intermediaries between propositional states and reconciled ...

Time And Lines, Richard Pecos Pryor Apr 2018

Time And Lines, Richard Pecos Pryor

Theses, Dissertations, and Student Creative Activity, School of Art, Art History and Design

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” -Annie Dillard

I want to make art that is worthwhile, that shares something important. This desire often overwhelms and hinders me from starting projects. I find myself questioning the purpose of art altogether. Yet, once I relinquish control into action—just simply start and keep going—the unforeseen meaning eventually presents itself.

Drawings begin with lines. Partnered with curiosity, I began this series by exploring the potential of drawing materials. How far and for how long can a single sharpened pencil last? What does a mile of ...

Lauren Rice's Senior Art Portfolio, Lauren M. Rice Jan 2018

Lauren Rice's Senior Art Portfolio, Lauren M. Rice

Senior Art Portfolios

No abstract provided.

Resurrection, Robert David Jinkins Jan 2018

Resurrection, Robert David Jinkins

Graduate Theses and Dissertations

Growing up on a farm that has been in my family since 1849, I gained an admiration and reverence for the land that so many of my family members have worked. Like ghosts or spirits that walk the place, monument-like markers exist, signifying the actions and lives of those who came before me. A tractor may remain parked as it has been for years since the last time it was driven. A broken crock full of metal now slowly sinks into the earth under years of maple leaves fallen from the massive trees that my grandfather planted when he was ...

Security Blankets: The Art Of Maladaptation, Megan Stobaugh Jan 2018

Security Blankets: The Art Of Maladaptation, Megan Stobaugh

Williams Honors College, Honors Research Projects

In times of stress or trauma, each person has their own means of coping. There are countless ways to deal with stressors in a positive way, such as journaling, problem solving, or meditation. However, many distressed individuals turn to negative, or maladaptive, coping mechanisms. These are behaviors which seem to help ease distress in the moment, but prove to have negative consequences. While they vary greatly, some common maladaptive coping mechanisms include substance and tobacco use, self-harm, disordered eating, violence, and isolation.

This project aims to shed light on the subject of maladaptive coping mechanisms, as it is an increasingly ...