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Engaging Many Minds: Nurturing Collaboration In A Steam Context, Mark Dzula Sep 2015

Engaging Many Minds: Nurturing Collaboration In A Steam Context, Mark Dzula

The STEAM Journal

This field note describes a recent interdisciplinary project facilitated by Jeremy Gercke, an art teacher at the Bishop's School in La Jolla, California. The project creates ceramic tile markers for flora around the Bishop's School campus. The markers feature QR codes linking to websites populated with student content, including: drawings, information, and oral histories. In this project, Mr. Gercke synthesizes his interests as an artist; maximizes his social connections to mentors, peers and students; and bridges disciplines to create opportunities for interdisciplinary (STEAM) inquiry.

Performing Binaries, Humberto Reynoso Jun 2015

Performing Binaries, Humberto Reynoso

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

I take a critical view of sociopolitical and cultural issues dealing with homoeroticism andgay politics. I explore gender theories in order to further understand what it means to bemasculine or feminine and how it affects my placement in society. I use art as a tool forexpressing sexual freedom while questioning traditional sexual identity. I'm interested in exploring ideas of the oppressor and the oppressed, and how power becomes an inevitable force (in every society) that creates a hierarchy, consequently establishing control. But what is power? According to various definitions, power is an entity that possesses and or exercises authority ...

The Self Reconfigured, Soe Yu Nwe May 2015

The Self Reconfigured, Soe Yu Nwe

Masters Theses

In my work, I explore different ways of narrating my experience of alienation, confusion, pain, and psychological confinement as a cultural outsider. I seek to create narrative spaces that explore the spatial relationships between the fragmented and dislocated self with the surrounding environment along with a yearning for connection. I convey these experiences through the use of symbols (house, shrine, vessel, and snake) as metaphors for the self. As a third generation Chinese immigrant in Myanmar, I look back to Buddhist and Animistic practices in my native country, in addition to Chinese cultural practices, for inspiration in my work. The ...

Noise., Laura Katherine Polaski May 2015

Noise., Laura Katherine Polaski

Theses and Dissertations

My research is in the realm of the psychological, the emotional and way these drives manifest physically. The works in Noise. aims to give a physical representation to the non-physical. Research on Affect Theory and the teachings of Silvan Tomkins were paramount to understanding emotional drives and the ways in which they manifest.

The purpose of this research is to understand how emotions are generated and communicated and to ask if specific emotions can be generated upon viewing inanimate objects. I create abstract figurative sculpture, which imitate emotion that has no specific physicality. These works exist with one foot in ...

To Each Brick Woman, Ruby Podmore Jackson Jan 2015

To Each Brick Woman, Ruby Podmore Jackson

Senior Projects Spring 2015

Senior Project submitted to The Division of Arts of Bard College

This body of work represents both a newfound interest in “uncovering” my family’s history as it relates to my own, and in exploring how the physicality and materiality of ceramics can establish relationships between one’s body and physical forms. This collection of work is an attempt at bridging the gap between my “presence” and the past through the associations I make with color, form, material, process and scale.

These pieces are intended to reference the human form through their gestures, stances, their displacement of space (the way ...

Breaking Wind, Todd William Pentico Jan 2015

Breaking Wind, Todd William Pentico

Theses and Dissertations

Breaking Wind is a research project and thesis exhibition composed of a series of ceramic objects in conjunction with paintings that explore the systems that dictate belief, the motives that drive curiosity, and biological connection to our surroundings. The work uses the context of the gallery and devices used in museums such as plinths, shelves, and wall text to reinforce the idealized and fictive into something believable.

In the work, Breaking Wind refers to a clumsy breakdown and rethinking of the seemingly simple natural phenomenon, wind. Wind is understood as a natural occurrence that has no origin or any innate ...

Interior, Concept And Clay: A Study Of Self And Space, Lily Alan Jan 2015

Interior, Concept And Clay: A Study Of Self And Space, Lily Alan

Scripps Senior Theses

This paper considers theories of perception, interaction, and being as a historical and philosophical foundation for themes of space and the self within art; namely, my senior installation, Interior, Concept & Clay. Beginning with a biological discussion of the eye’s perception, the paper moves on to Kant’s theories of Differentiation of Direction in Space. From there, I discuss Gaston Bachelard’s text The Poetics of Space as an investigation of personal awareness within domestic interiors. Finally, I study the vast and varied philosophical notions of selfhood and no-selfhood with the help of John Canfield’s The Looking-Glass Self: An ...

Passing Time, Bryan Horn Jan 2015

Passing Time, Bryan Horn

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

In today’s fast paced world based around expedience and convenience, we often find ourselves lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. While keeping up with our busy schedules it is hard to find those moments of pause in which we can regain our composure. The ceramic vessels in Passing Time are about those moments in between, like the space between musical notes they are essential to our understanding and being. This body of work represents the building and maintaining of relationships, the welcoming space of home and establishing invitation through the act of giving and sharing. I ...

Visual Phallacies, John Howard Cummings Jan 2015

Visual Phallacies, John Howard Cummings

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Roland Barthes wrote that only after removing all of the author's intentions and traces can a work of art truly be perceived by viewers fairly (Barthes). A viewer's perception of the world is influenced by his or her individual subjective history, which is the product of his or her own experiences. But as the author of ceramic work, my influence is ever-present. Clay records every push, pull, spank, squeeze, and poke. It fully records its physical history and as well as my actions upon it. This thesis exhibition asks the question: Can a viewer de-contextualize familiar-but-contentious subject matter ...