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Political Circus, Rebekah Warren Nov 2015

Political Circus, Rebekah Warren

Student Projects

Political parties are a large part of today’s news. With next presidential race gearing up, the fight between republicans and democrats can often be intense and dramatic.

This stack makes a critique of our government, referring to the party wars and the idea of a divided government as a circus. It adds an aspect of humor as well. I think this is something students and faculty alike can relate to.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln

Location and Installation Details

4th Floor

On top of reference shelves, a place where students seek information

Great open, flat ...

Great Expectations, Erik Reed Nov 2015

Great Expectations, Erik Reed

Student Projects

This stack follows a small proposal story gone wrong. The message is hopefully lighthearted, and the colorful, young-adult fiction titles stand in contrast to the chosen location. I thought the use of color would accentuate this sculpture stack. The story is an obviously purposeful collection surrounded by florescent lights and gray shelves.

Are We Born Racist?, Hannah Cartee Nov 2015

Are We Born Racist?, Hannah Cartee

Student Projects

Today many problems about racism still linger from Southern history, especially on campus. However, we are not born racist, it is only an illusion from what others say that it is our ‘Heritage’. Although love was lost between races in the past, and even still today, we still need to love no matter what the illusion of our so called ‘heritage’ has taught us.

I Was Just Thinking-, Amber Eckersley Nov 2015

I Was Just Thinking-, Amber Eckersley

Student Projects

One of the major challenges of college and budding adulthood is learning about yourself. It is a difficult task that is often made more confusing through the Internet and social media platforms that allow us to form multiple conceptions of self. This stack addresses that idea by suggesting that people can consciously decide who or what version of themselves they want to be at any time.


On the stairwell landing between the 5th and 4th floor. The stack needs to be placed on a pedestal in the center of the landing.

This location catches people in an area of ...

All Men Lose Their Way, Deighton Abrams Nov 2015

All Men Lose Their Way, Deighton Abrams

Student Projects

This book stack has the potential to be expanded into a series illustrating a fictional journey. Utilizing the spines of both non-fiction, reference, and fiction books to construct this narrative would highlight the power of the written form to invoke the journeys of research and the imagination. Bringing these seemingly disparate sections of the library together also showcases the breadth of resources available, consolidating them into an legible narrative.


These stacks would be situated in common areas around the library. The stacks would be housed in simple wooden boxes to highlight their presence.

Left For Dead, Mckenzie Fletcher Nov 2015

Left For Dead, Mckenzie Fletcher

Student Projects

This is geared towards those in Criminal Justice, Anthropology majors, and those killed with unknown reasons and killers. It represents that over though someone is dead/decomposed that what is left of them will tell their story.

When The Nightingale Sings, Haley Floyd Nov 2015

When The Nightingale Sings, Haley Floyd

Student Projects

“When the nightingale sings, I hear America singing the sounds of Star Wars”

This stack incites examination of popular American Culture in relation to perception and nature. The viewer is left to consider the supposed connection between the nightingale and the pop-culture phenomenon of Star Wars. Absurd as this connection may appear, it carries a heavy metaphorical load in regards to superstardom emphasized in American culture. Those associated with the big screen are deemed superhuman by many standards, calling into question ideas of the natural world and that which exists beyond it.

Location: 3rd Floor Stairwell

On a podium at ...