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Bar Rat, Macky Bliss Jun 2015

Bar Rat, Macky Bliss

Art Journal

My main influences are usually the people who surround me, and the experiences that I face because of those people. Working as a bartender has directly impacted my art. Faces, expressions, emotions and behaviors intrigue me. Bartending allows me to be a participant in and observer of many unique human interactions and social codes that I use as material for my work. I often photograph the people I interact with, especially while bartending, to use as source material.

For a while I was focusing on extreme emotions such as grief, but I have become more interested in the nuances of ...

Camera Roll, Ashley Coutu Jun 2015

Camera Roll, Ashley Coutu

Art Journal

As an artist I work freely amongst all mediums, though my main medium is photography. This body of work is a photographic self-portrait over time focusing on the last four years of my life. I have documented my everyday activities by saving every image I have ever taken on my phone and camera.

Within the body of photographs I am including screen-captures of conversations I have saved that once shared a very personal meaning to me. Arranged in chronological order, my documentation provides a visual picture of my memories and emotions with friends, significant others, family, and my own personal ...

Freak Show, Gianna D'Amico Jun 2015

Freak Show, Gianna D'Amico

Art Journal

This exhibit is a self-project inspired by my drug addiction, my demise and my checking into rehab last August. I have become fascinated with institutions and the institutionalized. The characters in my drawings, such as the moon with John Lennon glasses, the pig holding a newspaper, or the alien man and his cigarette, represent institutionalized people from various societies with various conditions. I have met lots of these people in my 20 years. Medically speaking, I am one myself.

I have made a strong connection between institutions and abnormalities, and this observation has led me to. So, I have been ...

Speaking My Language: Color And Geometry, Janelle Dunham Jun 2015

Speaking My Language: Color And Geometry, Janelle Dunham

Art Journal

The first step in developing a geometric language that combines physical and digital processes: sketching with a mechanical pencil. With every sketch I consider the erasure markings, the horizontal or vertical composition, the intensity of each shape or line, the simplicity or complexity of each design, and the symmetry each design may or may not have. My designs reflect the influence of abstract artists such as Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich in addition to Bauhaus artists such as Josef Albers and Paul Klee.

The second step is to bring these sketches into Adobe Illustrator software, because it allows for the ...

Endogenous, Rachele Romano Jun 2015

Endogenous, Rachele Romano

Art Journal

In my work I explore the exterior parts and interior sensations of the body, using both recognizable and imaginative abstract elements. Through this work I address issues affecting the body, specifically physical, sexual and verbal abuse. I’m interested in moments of trauma and their effects on the body. In my paintings I raise the questions: what goes on in the body? What could go on inside the body? What happens in the mind of person during a time of fear, and how does the body react to that? What would this look like on a canvas? My work explores ...

Art Journal 2015 - Vantage Jun 2015

Art Journal 2015 - Vantage

Art Journal

No abstract provided.