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Sheep Hill Community Tree, Kimberly Ann Fleischman Jan 2004

Sheep Hill Community Tree, Kimberly Ann Fleischman

Theses and Dissertations

An urban community is a fusion of new and old that is constantly changing. We understand better the plight of a community through raising awareness of its unique history and visual character. Linking individual and community experiences offers an opportunity for dialogue, especially as long-time residents and their new neighbors learn about their different pasts and explore their common future. Community building happens from within, when many individuals sharing common values create positive change.

The Spiritual Spa, Pongpop Narapanich Jan 2004

The Spiritual Spa, Pongpop Narapanich

Theses and Dissertations

It began with the desire to create a SPA that emanates perfect harmonic balance through architecture. What architectural solutions would synchronize the spiritual, mental, and physical elements of the SPA? The answers lie in the meaning of the term 'SPA'.SPA popularity has increased due to the population's craving for healthier lifestyles. Heightened awareness of the afflictions caused by poor health has led people to seek out the benefits of a positive physical and mental environment.Many commercial spas are designed to meet only physical needs and disregard important spiritual and mental factors that contribute to wellness of mind ...

Narrating Friendship: The Reciprocal Relationship Between J.B. Childers And Myself, James Thomas Engelmann Jan 2004

Narrating Friendship: The Reciprocal Relationship Between J.B. Childers And Myself, James Thomas Engelmann

Theses and Dissertations

For the past ten months I have explored the life of a deceased artist named Joseph Barley "J.B." Childers. In the graduate catalog Gregory Volk summarizes Childers as, "an alienated Korean War Veteran, who took up painting as a refuge from his troubles, and who also doesn't exist. Childers who is naturally right-handed, painted everything left-handed because of a war wound, and so Engelmann, who is left-handed, painted with his right hand, which is quite a limitation." Of course, there's more to the story than that and the writings that follow will explain many of my reasons ...

The Transformation Of Electricity In My Brain, Claire Watkins Jan 2004

The Transformation Of Electricity In My Brain, Claire Watkins

Theses and Dissertations

This thesis is an exciting and enthralling story about the history of the world as seen through the eyes of Claire Watkins. The story takes place in the dusty corners of her art studio in the old confederate capital, Richmond, Virginia. Ms. Watkins leads her audience through such unsuspecting places as her brain, the life of an African Dung Beetle, the center of an atom and the dark reaches of outer space. The story is inspirational and thought provoking. It will force you to see the world as an interconnected web that weaves your life together with the cosmos. A ...

Fauxtopia, Raymond William Kampf Jan 2004

Fauxtopia, Raymond William Kampf

Theses and Dissertations

To all who come to this fictitious place:Welcome.Fauxtopia is your land. Here, age relives distorted memories of the past, and here, youth may savor the challenge of trying to understand the present. Fauxtopia is made up of the ideals, the dreams and the fuzzy facts which have re-created reality... with the hope that it will be a source of edutainment for all the world.Ray KampfFauxtopia DedicationApril 1st, 2004

Perpetual Novelty, Brian Caverly Jan 2004

Perpetual Novelty, Brian Caverly

Theses and Dissertations

Within this thesis is a mapping out of the processes, concepts, and influences, behind the sculptural practice of Brian Caverly. From Complex Adaptive Systems to the world of order of Michel Foucault to the reexamination of the Modernist movement by Yve Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss, a rhizomatic path of connections and lines form and cross over, weaving together into a swarming mayhem of over population. Out of this chaos and order grow complex installations and constructions that are inherently bound by the system of their making, yet attempt at every turn to escape conformity.

Soul Hunting, Guido Esteban Alvarez Jan 2004

Soul Hunting, Guido Esteban Alvarez

Theses and Dissertations

According to the Webster's unabridged dictionary, a mania is an excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire; a craze. I experience a mania on a daily basis: I take photographs. I trap photographs inside flat, airless fish tanks where time stands still. The creatures captured inside the tanks resurrect every time I see them to remind me of a sound, an odor, a flavor, and, ultimately, a feeling I once experienced and now cherish. This project will attempt to show the energy captured in my photographic archives as a journey through my memories using an experimental interactive method.

Landescape, Dragana Crnjak Jan 2004

Landescape, Dragana Crnjak

Theses and Dissertations

Shape, color and line are three basic elements I use to explore the possibilities of visual language. The process in itself is important since what is left on the paper are simply records of moments from which a work is constructed. These moments are mixtures of my memory, my everyday observation, my struggles and hopes. The starting point is always in between known and unknown, and it is always a new attempt for clarity. Rather than expressing what I already understand and know, I have a need to change my working methods quite often in order to expand my own ...

The History Of The World, Ruby Wescoat Jan 2004

The History Of The World, Ruby Wescoat

Theses and Dissertations

This Thesis is my effort to understand what subjects I find interesting and why. In the processes of writing and making sculpture, I discovered that my underlying fascination is in history. I am interested in places and objects for their individual qualities, but I also want to know how they relate to the world. If I am drawn to an ancient place or object, I want to examine how it fits into the contemporary world, and visa versa. The complexity of these relationships is increased by the vast number of histories (or stories) that are intertwined in the world. Over ...