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Empathic Exchange, Yu-Jung Kim May 2016

Empathic Exchange, Yu-Jung Kim

Masters Theses

My work explores the empathy existing between humans and animals. It is possible for humans and animals commune empathically by staring at one another. With empathy, human and animal connection can be built; comfort and healing can be found through this form of exchange. Non-verbal communication with animals may not often be thought about seriously. I aim to share the experience of empathy, comfort and power of healing through communication with animals I have felt, and to awake people with similar experiences in their memory through my works.

As a child, I thought I could not be truly understood by ...

Memory: Tangible Decay & Growth, Rebecca J. Buglio May 2016

Memory: Tangible Decay & Growth, Rebecca J. Buglio

Masters Theses

What if the objects we had as children grew up with us and showed the decay, alterations, and new growth that occurred to us?

Natural sciences focus, in part, on the endless cycle of growth and decay. Through researching this topic, the question of current versus past arose to question how the mind evolves with age. As a ceramic artist, clay offers a memory through touch by taking the shape and form the creator wills it to have while still able to have movement and force of its own through the molecular makeup and processes it goes through in firings ...

Dimensional Flatland: Beamer, Drone, Flash Drive, Scarlett Xin Meng May 2016

Dimensional Flatland: Beamer, Drone, Flash Drive, Scarlett Xin Meng

Masters Theses

The impact of the Internet and digitization is pervasive and pervious. Users constantly interface with a constructed virtual world of worlds, simulated by signs and representations. The web content appears to exist but only fades into oblivion. Digital imageries promise the HD real but can never be as phenomenal as our physical experience, and instead render an alternative fantasy of deceptive factuality. This is a hyperlinked network of data and pixel information that takes no solid permanent shape, and claims zero responsibility for altering and molding our consciousness in this technological fiction.

Dimensional Flatland: Beamer, Drone & Flash Drive responds to ...

Context Clues, Brynn Trusewicz May 2016

Context Clues, Brynn Trusewicz

Masters Theses

Context Clues explores the tensions between identity and appearance, especially as it relates to queer identities and the bodies that carry them.

It assumes that identity and appearance aren’t always straight forward or line up in expected ways.

It aims to expose our discomfort about this uncertainty.

It explores how we look at and evaluate others; what we observe and what we fill in.

It compares how we look at others and how we look to others.

It critiques the absurdity of how people perceive and interact with each other, by putting them in uncomfortable scenarios and exaggerating awkward ...

Interplayable Surface: An Exploration On Augmented Gui That Co-Exists With Physical Environments, Hoon Yoon May 2016

Interplayable Surface: An Exploration On Augmented Gui That Co-Exists With Physical Environments, Hoon Yoon

Masters Theses

The main goal of this experiment-driven thesis is to envision and design an interactive GUI1(graphic user interface) that coexists with physical surfaces. Based on an understanding of user behavioral patterns for getting access to information in these types of situations, experimentations and prototypes are implemented and tested with participants. In particular, to observe the user behavioral pattern for augmented GUI within certain environments and circumstances, this thesis presents several types of participatory experimentations with physical GUIs. The experiment participants were encouraged to participate in re-creates and reorganizes physical GUI, relating to their own situational specificity or informational tendencies they ...

Rapid Response, James Chae May 2016

Rapid Response, James Chae

Masters Theses

Rapid Response is a design practice that responds to the accelerating speed of consumption. It holds a reflective and responsive mirror to our culture of overconsumption. With an informed critical eye and kleptocratic hand, I consume, sample, and render the visual energy of commerce and respond directly in the stream on available platforms and on a number of scales.

Central to this research-based practice is a desire to expand discourse. Through a close examination of commercial language, the visual techniques of corporate branding, and the aesthetic narratives of commercial spaces, I study the persuasive forces of advertising, subvert the myths ...

Traversing Languagescapes, Desmond Pang May 2016

Traversing Languagescapes, Desmond Pang

Masters Theses

To maneuver is to design. As a multilingual graphic designer, I maneuver across different languages and their respective scripts. My work invites my audience to take a leap with me into unknown languagescapes.

Through sampling, analyzing similarities and differences, switching applications and contexts, challenging functions, inserting and overlaying recognizable visual systems as well as combining disparate language scripts, I become a guide for my audience, assisting them, regardless of mother tongue, to attain a degree of understanding when faced with an unfamiliar language.

My thesis asserts the critical role graphic designers play in demystifying and cracking language barriers. Every graphic ...

Live Edges: All Possible Adjacencies, Rebecca Leffell Koren May 2016

Live Edges: All Possible Adjacencies, Rebecca Leffell Koren

Masters Theses

Edge is a deceptive word. It suggests lines, borders, designations—a kind of certainty. I see edge instead as a porous adjacency—the noise at the intersection of planes that adds meaning, rather than separation. Live Edges is a design research practice that is hyperobservational and multi-planar. Equal parts training ground and methodology, what began as an effort to derive graphic form from the intangible qualities of place developed into an approach to parsing complexity.

Setting locality as my origin point, signifiers of place—materiality, behavior, orientation, architectural form—serve as catalysts for graphic response. I interpret landscape in order ...

Hyphen Nation: A Reconciliation, Lynn Amhaz May 2016

Hyphen Nation: A Reconciliation, Lynn Amhaz

Masters Theses

As a transnational living between Beirut, Lebanon, and Providence, Rhode Island, in the United States, I use my design practice to negotiate, reconcile and inform a cultural identity defined through an equation of two different nations. I am open to what comes from this reality between. Linguistically, a hyphen simultaneously binds and divides a compound term. As a designer, I view the hyphen as a shifting axis for telling stories. In the process, I approach the hyphen as an indeterminate zone — a productive site for authoring systems and suggesting narratives linking two nations — their cultures, languages, times and geographies.

Between Material And Landscape, Martin Mcdermott May 2016

Between Material And Landscape, Martin Mcdermott

Masters Theses

Clay is a binary material. It is soft and malleable and yet becomes as hard as rock when subjected to immense heat. Its responsiveness to manipulation makes it well suited to recording touch in landscapes of surface. Its versatility makes it the ideal material for expressing other types of antipodal concepts: dark and light, banal and profound, temporary and durable. The sculptural objects in this body of work represent many of these contrasts through an investigation of various historical concepts within a broad definition of landscape art. The hollow clay “rocks” reference caves and grottos through apertures in the surface ...

Modus Operandi, Nabil Gonzalez May 2016

Modus Operandi, Nabil Gonzalez

Masters Theses

Since 1993, hundreds of women have disappeared and died in the border area of Ciudad Juarez Mx. and El Paso TX. The crimes committed towards women of this area have become known as “Las Muertas de Juarez” or the Juarez Femicides. Modus Operandi is a commonly used term by Mexican authorities when referring to an investigation regarding a crime, and it often refers to their particular overly corrupt method of handling crime. This is a thesis project that I started with the intent of bringing awareness and reestablishing an identity for the hundreds of women today’s government and society ...

Practice Makes Practice, Gabriel Melcher May 2016

Practice Makes Practice, Gabriel Melcher

Masters Theses

Graphic Designers today must operate independently of specific tools and media. Modes of production are democratized, and so it is in the ways we choose to operate within these modes that define the value of the field. Practice Makes Practice is a response to this condition, refocusing attention from the products of design as endpoints of process to visual evidence of persistent questioning by the designer.

Through my work I question roles and media, enfolding audience, client, and collaborators into my process. My practice is improvisational, quick, and performative in its response to the specifics of site and circumstance. Through ...

Obsessed With Obsessions: Design For Obsession, Vara Yang May 2016

Obsessed With Obsessions: Design For Obsession, Vara Yang

Masters Theses

Taking the notion of obsessions as the starting point for my thesis, I decided to investigate the daily rituals undertaken by a select group of people. I engaged myself in others’ idiosyncrasies, and found myself empathizing with their needs and desires. I found it fascinating how our obsessions vary so considerably. Yet, at the same time, I realized that each of the obsessions I explored was comparable in that the qualities that defined each obsession were essentially the same.

My thesis uses the obsession of Squeegee Girl as an example with which to demonstrate my personal concept of design. For ...

& Surface, Adam Mickey Porter May 2016

& Surface, Adam Mickey Porter

Masters Theses

I synthesize nature, night clubs, computer screens and sexual fantasies into an experience that interrupts desire and longing. Fractured elements culled from pornographic magazines, mediation from digital media, and surface tension enable optical and phenomenological effects that make the visible and invisible co-exist together. Moire patterns, strobing lights, iridescent paint, prismatic and flickering bits of visual information pull the picture plane apart. A dialectic process that cannibalizes all content and material, sparing nothing from revision. The nature of material, imbued with it’s own history and beauty is transformed, yielding a surface that holds an image and after-image all at ...

Interior Mountains & Distant Clouds, Ping Zheng May 2016

Interior Mountains & Distant Clouds, Ping Zheng

Masters Theses

Painting allows infinite scope for imaginative freedom beyond the ambiguity of the inner landscape. Painting connects the natural world outside to the inner natural world, allowing me to exist in the present while also reconciling childhood meanings. It brings me alive, allowing me to find a new identity. No longer trapped within the repressive structures of family, rigid schooling, and culture, the language of sky, land, mountain, and water become living metaphors of limitless possibilities with forms and color. My paintings are abstract, but they also present me as a character, independent and emerging from the environment. The work explores ...

Eulogy, Luci Jockel May 2016

Eulogy, Luci Jockel

Masters Theses

My work is a eulogy for all fauna. It involves a ritual act of suture— a ceremonial process of mending and healing— one that functions as a curative process for myself as well as others. While wandering in the woods, or gleaning from animal specimen collections and negotiating with hunters and beekeepers, I gather the remains of fauna in order to make jewelry. I long to restore the fragmented ruins into wholeness. I long to heal what has been broken. From their death comes rebirth, new life. Quietly, these relics reflect the porosity between all things. Jewelry has a history ...

The Operational Interface, James Wheaton May 2016

The Operational Interface, James Wheaton

Masters Theses

The operational interface is an examination of the effects exerted by interface environments predicated on a genealogical analysis of their form and structure as a mediating apparatus. Through leveraging the embedded logic of these spaces, I develop a self-reflexive inquiry into the various ways interfaces model the cognitive faculties of its users. This inquiry is divided into a tripartite program: the application of interface logic to aesthetic tool systems, it’s modes of representation in formal terms and the appropriation of these structures for novel (re)application.The Operational

Li Remembered, Meredith (Yue) Du May 2016

Li Remembered, Meredith (Yue) Du

Masters Theses

This thesis work arose from my interest and concern in the ongoing transformation happening in China socially, culturally, and environmentally. As a child of hydro engineers, I grew up on the construction site of Lishui Hydro project. In my experience, the hydroelectric plant was a poetic place, a huge geometric structure surrounded by beautiful water and views of mountains. In my research, I found that many people argue against hydro projects, especially Three Gorges Dam, and the main focus of their objections has to do with demolition and the displacement of people from their homes. Through publications, documentary films, and ...

Shift; Explorations In A Changing Sense Of Self, Tara J. Ott May 2016

Shift; Explorations In A Changing Sense Of Self, Tara J. Ott

Masters Theses

In my art practice I am exploring how my “sense of self” changes as both the external and internal factors continue to shift throughout the stages of my life. I have centered on two main themes: personal experiences connected to gender that are based on the female body and changes in the formation of social identity in relation to others who are part of my life. My work mainly revolves around self-portraiture and reflections of my life, usually expressed through photography, video, painting and sculptural installations. In some bodies of work, however, I have used other women or people from ...

Home Starts From Within, Joliza G. Terry May 2016

Home Starts From Within, Joliza G. Terry

Masters Theses

Moving to Harrisonburg proved to be a culture shock for me because in the past, I had lived in areas where the levels of diversity were different and allowed me to feel more at ease. I faced the issue of feeling uncomfortable in a new-found environment and felt compelled to start a dialogue about my experience through my artwork. It was imperative for me to find a way to create a community for myself, and by doing so in my artwork, I have thrived from my experience of feeling out of place. I began making work about self-image, family and ...

Old Furnace Artist Residency: Art Is A Conjunction, Jon William Henry May 2016

Old Furnace Artist Residency: Art Is A Conjunction, Jon William Henry

Masters Theses

Old furnace artist residency is an ongoing body of work that encompasses a long-term art project that relies upon social aesthetics. This project weaves together social sculpture, relational aesthetics, intervention, gesture, performance, community art, and participation art to create a praxis of social justice and art. The underlying principles of the project are rooted in feminist and queer theories of activism that focus on enacting social, political, and economic liberation. Thus, old furnace artist residency focuses on using art as a tool to weave people together.

Summoning The Body That Acts, Brendan M. Mccauley Jan 2016

Summoning The Body That Acts, Brendan M. Mccauley

Masters Theses

Seven series of artworks; painted, drawn and performed. These works are presented as affective incorporation exercises, that test modes of aesthetic communication in response to varying political contingencies. The constitutive processes used to develop the work also function as a methodology for my own political radicalization. As an artist I am wagering how to talk, as an activist I am preparing to act. The artworks discussed occur at the crossroads of these desires as enactions of futurity within the subjunctive mood.

Hovering, Benjamin J. Blatt Jan 2016

Hovering, Benjamin J. Blatt

Masters Theses

Hovering is an attempt to navigate the contemporary digital environment through traditional means. The imagery created function as paintings, photographs, prints, and drawings. They explore and raise questions about visual perception and sensory awareness, as well as highlighting the modular limitations of the pixelated image and the illusion of reality in the digital landscape.

The Spatiality In Storytelling, Xiang Yu Jan 2016

The Spatiality In Storytelling, Xiang Yu

Masters Theses

Theatre has always been played a irreplaceable role in people’s lives, even nowadays where people have multiple choices for entertainment. Some theater architecture has also become the symbol of the city, such as Paris Opéra and Sydney Opera House. By taking a close look at various case studies, one will understand how the theatre architecture corresponds with their city representing its history, culture and visions for the future.

The development of my thesis is based on the integration of the ‘space’ of storytelling and the space of design. Will the quality of space bring out the memories that have ...

Primate Aesthetics, Chelsea L. Sams Jan 2016

Primate Aesthetics, Chelsea L. Sams

Masters Theses

A cultural, historical, and scientific survey of the phenomena of primate pictorial behavior, presented in a series of interconnected vignettes. What do primates find visually appealing? What is their motivation when creating images? What are the implications for art and for science? By drawing explicit and implicit connections between science, art, case studies, research, and personal narrative, I attempt to weave together what we know, and what we may never be able to know about this complex field.