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Anxious Totems, Katherine Wraczewska Jan 2017

Anxious Totems, Katherine Wraczewska

All Student Theses

Throwing clay on the potter·s wheel, I feel a wave of calm, like I am finally in control of something. Carving and creating texture on clay after a piece is thrown, is the ultimate release. Carving is obsessive, compulsive, and even ritualistic. Each mark that I make has a purpose or thought behind it. This is something that is definitely different from my daily cycle of panic and unease. Anxiety. I worry too much, I can't tum this off. Clay has been the only outlet I found to help me hush these racing thoughts. By creating ceramic sculptural ...

There Is No Fear In Love, Liam Smietanski Jan 2017

There Is No Fear In Love, Liam Smietanski

All Student Theses

Explanation of Title and Show

After lists and lists of adjectives, verbs, and nouns that describe the ideas and pieces in my show, I finally realized: 1) That I want my title to be inviting. 2) It is okay to use the argument against mine to get people interested. What do I mean by these? One of the biggest (if not the biggest) arguments against inclusion and diversity of gender, sex, and sexual minorities in the United States, is based on interpretations of scriptures from various religions. It is the fear of the unknown and of change that also keeps ...

Abstractionsinmetal, Michael Lacien Oct 2015

Abstractionsinmetal, Michael Lacien

All Student Theses

My work has been rooted in the philosophy of Existentialism. Especially in the belief that individuality is crucial in finding happiness and that we are not preprogrammed prior to birth but are provided some basics but we are the sum of our own experiences and personal choices. Society can compartmentalize humans for its benefit in many ways but this is not beneficial to our personal humanity. What I make are reflections and commentary to how I see these effects and how I choose to try and rebel. Abstract metal weapons, black and pointed, made to covey a battle against conformity ...

Outside Spaces, One Artist's Journey, Bonnie L. Schroeder Apr 2015

Outside Spaces, One Artist's Journey, Bonnie L. Schroeder

All Student Theses

The beauty and simplicity of outside spaces often overlooked in a busy world are intimate places to regenerate. There are simple moments in life going on all around us which can be most profound, effortless catalysts triggering memories or creating new ones. Looking at something and interpreting it comes from one’s inner self construed by those defining moments that make who we are, a product of our life experiences. Taking time to day-dream, quiet or settle one’s mind, even if momentarily, transports the viewer to another place, a solemn way to achieve peace of mind. There are gifts ...

Leave Space, Tammy J. Kordik Apr 2015

Leave Space, Tammy J. Kordik

All Student Theses

Leaves segue into daydreams, which start with the observation of color, light, and transparent quality. Viewing commonplace objects on a daily basis, blindness overcomes, but the shapes of leaves, their colors and how light is seen through them is a captivating stronghold.

The mind is a spatial canvas; a container that holds knowledge, as a canvas holds a subject matter. Daydreaming begins and thoughts spill out from the perimeter of the mind into other areas that hold memories. The experience may be of a past recollection revitalized or new hopes for adventures wishing to be sought.

Painted leaves extending outside ...

Stage V: A Visual Interpretation Of My Dreams, Timothy M. Arroyo Apr 2015

Stage V: A Visual Interpretation Of My Dreams, Timothy M. Arroyo

All Student Theses

Stage V: A Visual Interpretation of My Dreams is a project based on the visions of characters, which I have encountered during dream states. The title is derived from the fifth stage of sleep, also referred to as REM sleep for the stage in which dreaming occurs. This project has its basis in the psychology of dreams, and the interpretations of my own dreams. All imagery created for this project will be extracted from my personal dream journal entries, and my interpretations of them. I will photograph each element used in the final photographic illustrations, and I will use symbolism ...

Fabricated Perceptions, Monique E. Perry Apr 2013

Fabricated Perceptions, Monique E. Perry

All Student Theses

This thesis is a personal exploration through playful and childlike imagery. I draw on historical and contemporary artistic influences to the creation of my concepts. Themes of visual metaphor, trompe l’oeil, diorama, and contrasting spatial relationships of objects are explored. Each piece carries its own interpretation that is kept open ended for the viewer. My goal for this art series is to amuse, provoke imagination, and encourage individual interpretation.

Dichotomy Of Self, Shelly Hokanson Oct 2012

Dichotomy Of Self, Shelly Hokanson

All Student Theses

This body of work explores, through a character named Doll, the impressions, emotions, and realizations I have experienced while undergoing a transformation of self, both inside and out. This collection of images also explores the dichotomy of solitude vs. companionship. (Abstract by OPUS staff from author text)

All That I Am Or Hope To Be, I Owe To My Angel, My Mother, Pamela Planera Oct 2012

All That I Am Or Hope To Be, I Owe To My Angel, My Mother, Pamela Planera

All Student Theses

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel, my mother. A quote that binds the relationship my mother and I will always have, through life, death and the paths I choose for my future to fulfill a promise. A promise I intend to keep and fulfill until we meet again… on the other side…

All dilapidated architectural buildings of my series are considered symbolic spaces. They become tangible - representing a venue of dreams where we become deeply affected, by our behavior, our environment, our society and ourselves. Each venue spawned an identity - it’s own ...

Preconciousness, Michael James Ripp Oct 2012

Preconciousness, Michael James Ripp

All Student Theses

Preconsciousness ... Explores the topographical model of the mind through the deconstruction of accepted realities. Blurring the boundaries of consciousness and unconsciousness. Embracing and accepting the abstract view of the mind as “realms” independent of each other. Surreal, yet familiar spaces and environments become a gateway to the preconscious and a deeper awareness. These unique spaces become a catalyst for a physiological journey to the unconscious. Complex views and interpretations of oneself and ones experiences come to the surface. Engaging memories and emotions such as anxiety ... joy… tranquility………manifesting as physical space as spaces become representations of unconscious. Minds are freed ...

Gear Driven, Richard Cammarata Jul 2012

Gear Driven, Richard Cammarata

All Student Theses

Merging the past and the present and the simplistic with the complex, form the foundation of my work. My sculptural work in ceramics depicts hybridized versions of distinct pieces of machinery that have been distorted and fused together to create ambiguous forms that offers a sense of curiosity and draws attention to each piece. These pieces are reminiscent of the types of rusted and decayed parts I found lying around my grandfather's truck yard when I was a boy. Machinery appealed to me not only because of the interesting forms but also because of the visual texture and enduring ...

Taxidermy Of Thought, Jason Walker Jul 2012

Taxidermy Of Thought, Jason Walker

All Student Theses

Sculpture is how I bring to life the dark corners of my mind. There have always been images of creatures, geology, and botanical life swirling around my head. Images that often include spires of exoskeleton, creeping tendrils searching for sustenance, or something that moves in an unnatural way. After years of envisioning and automatically sketching out these "things" it is beginning to get a bit crowded in there. It was time to excise this world in my mind and bring it into existence through my hands.

Using many different materials, including plaster, wire, paper mache, epoxy, urethane resins, many different ...

Face Value, Rebecca Moffett-Moore Apr 2012

Face Value, Rebecca Moffett-Moore

All Student Theses

The human face is the most universally important focus of communication. It is a significant source of identity and the most expressive means of nonverbal communication. We use our faces to speak and express emotions. We use faces to recognize friends or foes; to spot family resemblances; and to consider attractiveness or unattractiveness. Gleaned from a number dictionaries, my interpretation of what is meant by taking something or someone at "face value" means to accept that idea, object, or person because of the way it first looks or seems, without thinking about what else it could mean, and to accept ...

"Untitled", Janet Rose Engel-Julian Oct 2011

"Untitled", Janet Rose Engel-Julian

All Student Theses

The emotions from memories and the passing of time can be an intriguing thing. The more time that passes the more difficult it can be to remember details thus changing the memory. The more people who share a specific memory,the more memories may exist,yet each person’s recognition of the event may vary. When family members recall a childhood event, they can have a plethora of viewpoints and interpretations all depending on the time passed and roles played along with previous life experiences.

For centuries,history was recorded orally through ceremony and storytelling, and some cultures also involved ...

Don't Shoot The Messenger, Wayon C. Collins Jul 2011

Don't Shoot The Messenger, Wayon C. Collins

All Student Theses

My hope is to inform people through my art, thus creating a spark that might motivate people to bring about a change in how corporations do business. My art touches mainly on the issues of corporations polluting the environment, massive layoffs, breaking up unions, controlling the media output and sometimes creating situations that harm people, with no accountability.

Contrast, Heidi Stachulak Jul 2011

Contrast, Heidi Stachulak

All Student Theses

This thesis will discuss the importance of contrast within a piece of artwork as well as a history and explanation of the other elements and principles of art. It is important for artists to understand the elements and principles to have a good base in creating artwork. This thesis will explore the history of the elements and principles, review other artists using these principles within their artwork as well as the significance of these elements and principles within my own artwork. Through this exploration an artist will be able to understand as well as utilize these elements and principles within ...

Le Nouveau Cirque, Diana C. Lynch Apr 2011

Le Nouveau Cirque, Diana C. Lynch

All Student Theses

Exploring traditional circus and contemporary circus has lead me to my current body of print work titled Le Nouveau Cirque simply meaning The New Circus. In my studio work I use printmaking to create my art. My focus on printmaking began with this body of artwork because of my interest making multiples of images and using old and new style processes of printmaking going hand in hand with my interest in old and new types of circuses. The connotation of creating multiples relates to old circus lithographs when artists would make many fliers and banners to advertise a show. In ...

Impressions Of Reality, Brooke Nicholson Apr 2011

Impressions Of Reality, Brooke Nicholson

All Student Theses

This thesis reviews the student's reflections and statements on her master's show. Watercolor and graphite (pencil) are used. (Abstract by OPUS staff)

A Meditative Art, Lori White Apr 2011

A Meditative Art, Lori White

All Student Theses

My artwork symbolizes the idea of meditation through the true and organic forms. I paint a space where my mind is at ease. A place where all the chaos of the world around me stops and become beauty. In my artwork, the organic forms that I produce reflect the meditative power of natural forms. My mind sees the environment in a simple abstract appearance that mirrors a sense of peace and harmony. By painting with smooth, organic, and soft lines my artwork helps me get to a point of relaxation. Through the process of letting go of the world that ...

A Face In The Crowd, Brenda Farris Apr 2011

A Face In The Crowd, Brenda Farris

All Student Theses

A face in a crowd is a series of ceramic busts portraying both famous and lesser known artists. I am doing portraits of artists because people tend to separate works of art from those who created them. I am trying to connect a face with a name. Most of the greatest artists that I am drawn to are no longer living. So doing this series is bringing me closer to them. Also, some of them are people that I look up to as well as some of the greatest professors or should I say mentors, which have helped me along ...