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Memory in art

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I Am Come Back To You, Eleanor Tomlinson May 2017

I Am Come Back To You, Eleanor Tomlinson

Masters Theses

Through various forays into psychological science and affect theory, this work attempts to understand how quick and simple commodities might coalesce into a complex portrait of individual and collective memory.

The Little Girl (Kinda), Hanna Kim May 2017

The Little Girl (Kinda), Hanna Kim

Masters Theses

My work has always been about the personal relationships I've had in the past. It is driven by the

nostalgia of what was, and how it came to be within the present. It is not the act of languishing in a better time or the need to replay a scenario from when life was thought to have been easier. It is replaying the past that makes me chuckle, even if at the time the said event was not so hilarious or amusing. While I am heavily influenced by the psychological workings of the human mind and sociology, I ultimately ...

The Past Is Today, Afra Al Dhaheri May 2017

The Past Is Today, Afra Al Dhaheri

Masters Theses

Process is a vital element to construction and deconstruction. Yet, materiality serves as a vehicle to expose the aesthetics developed by the process. However, without memories, the construction of these bodies of work would have never been conceived. Rapid change was the initial experience that formed memories in the first place, it was inevitable. Hence, an adaptation method had to be examined. The trees had proven to be worthy of the investigation. The trees required materials and the materials demanded a process. Process developed the work and the work had to have context. Context evolved from memory and required more ...

Memory: Tangible Decay & Growth, Rebecca J. Buglio May 2016

Memory: Tangible Decay & Growth, Rebecca J. Buglio

Masters Theses

What if the objects we had as children grew up with us and showed the decay, alterations, and new growth that occurred to us?

Natural sciences focus, in part, on the endless cycle of growth and decay. Through researching this topic, the question of current versus past arose to question how the mind evolves with age. As a ceramic artist, clay offers a memory through touch by taking the shape and form the creator wills it to have while still able to have movement and force of its own through the molecular makeup and processes it goes through in firings ...

& Surface, Adam Mickey Porter May 2016

& Surface, Adam Mickey Porter

Masters Theses

I synthesize nature, night clubs, computer screens and sexual fantasies into an experience that interrupts desire and longing. Fractured elements culled from pornographic magazines, mediation from digital media, and surface tension enable optical and phenomenological effects that make the visible and invisible co-exist together. Moire patterns, strobing lights, iridescent paint, prismatic and flickering bits of visual information pull the picture plane apart. A dialectic process that cannibalizes all content and material, sparing nothing from revision. The nature of material, imbued with it’s own history and beauty is transformed, yielding a surface that holds an image and after-image all at ...