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Title., Douglas Miller May 2018

Title., Douglas Miller

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Title is a series of drawings that explores the aspects of failed projects and the complications of representation within literary and visual practices. This series is informed by preliminary drawings, marginalia, and written notations that are inherent in the formulation processes of both visual and literary compositions. Through an investigation of the 19th Century Russian author Nikolai Gogol’s unfinished novel Dead Souls, I situate this series of drawings as a means to conflate literary theories with visual representation. In this way, the Title series presents fragmentary images, texts, and digressive narratives that demonstrate intermediaries between propositional states and reconciled ...

Intercultural And Interreligious Bonds In The Language Of Colors, Lucy Soucek Jan 2018

Intercultural And Interreligious Bonds In The Language Of Colors, Lucy Soucek

Honors Theses

This thesis explores the interfaith elements of the artwork of three south Asian visual artists, The Singh Twins, Siona Benjamin, and Arpana Caur. All coming from various religious backgrounds, living in multicultural societies, and navigating the borders and boundaries between different religious thought, these artists create meaningful artwork which explores what it means to live in a pluralistic society. All three artists invite viewers to think differently, formulate opinions, rethink assumptions, and spark associations. They use art as a way to ignite interfaith understanding, reaching broader audiences and asking us to question how we understand our neighbors and ourselves.

Chroma Pneuma, Shayna Tietje Jan 2017

Chroma Pneuma, Shayna Tietje

All Theses, Dissertations, and Other Capstone Projects

I was conducting process trials based on water. As I reacted to what was being produced, I found myself having little moments of joyful discovery. I was fascinated to observe patterns and implied textures that were generated through natural process; these patterns mimic the fractal nature of repetitive structures on a micro to macro scale that we see within our natural world. Patterns whose resemblance ranges from formations found in semi- precious stones, such as jasper or agate; to satellite imagery of branching river systems and sites of massive erosion. While the implied texture of the work was being influenced ...

Transmutation: One Thing Becoming Another, Price Hall Jun 2015

Transmutation: One Thing Becoming Another, Price Hall

Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

My art emerges from decades of the experience of building myself, sensitively aware of accumulated experience and the weight of accrued memory. Responding to this life I so deeply appreciate the longer I live, as sculptor, painter and poet, I merge these individual aesthetic observations into a layered work of many reads. Offering poetic observation as a visual sensation beyond the ears’ hearing carried on a field of color connects at some interior emotional level which is absent or very different in the uniformity of type. Time is present in my current work. “Corrugations”, not only in the poetic images ...