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Haitian Creole, Marc E. Prou Nov 2005

Haitian Creole, Marc E. Prou

Marc E. Prou

Haitian Creole, also known as Kreyòl, is a member of the French-based creole language groups with a considerable part of its lexicon coming directly from seventeenth century French. Its grammar differs from French, however, and reflects closely the West African languages, such as Ewe, Fon, Yoruba, and Ibo. Kreyòl is similar to the creoles spoken in the French overseas departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe, as well as in Dominica, Saint Lucia, and parts of Trinidad.

“Minimizing Risks In Study Abroad Programs: Who Is Responsible?”, Marc Prou Jun 2005

“Minimizing Risks In Study Abroad Programs: Who Is Responsible?”, Marc Prou

Marc E. Prou

This presentation focuses on the possibilities of minimizing potential risks involved in education abroad programs in the Caribbean. Dealing with the existing literature, the procedures of past and existing programs, and the testimonies and experiences of former students and administrators, we aim to achieve a better understanding of the relationships between responsibilities, accountability, and the possibility of minimizing foreseeable risks. From the standpoint of the students, the faculty, and the institution, we will attempt to gauge the possible risks based on their likelihood, preventability, and severity, and will examine ways in which a standardized procedure for allocating responsibility and accountability ...

“Haitian-Americans”, Marc Prou Dec 2004

“Haitian-Americans”, Marc Prou

Marc E. Prou

The indisputable massive presence of haitian Americans in the last three decades has changed the way scholarship on black immigrants from the Caribbean and the African Diasporas has taken shape. Haitian Americans' presence has serious implications for U.S society, its institutions and public policies. The existing body of literature dealing with ethnic Haitian Americans, although not as voliminous as that of other recent ethnic groups in the United States, reflects a vast array of perspectives. Much of the literature centers on the history of immigration and the adaptation process of Haitian immigrants and Haitian Americans in many urban areas ...