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Key 16 The Tower Jul 2012

Key 16 The Tower

Syracuse University Magazine

The Man Behind Mongo

Think of the rich tradition of mystery serial novels and Spade and Hammer are certain to come to mind. But Mongo? That is the moniker of George Chesbro'sheroic protaganist, the dwarf detective with a doctoratein criminology who has starred in seven Chesbronovels. A 1962 SU graduate in special education, Chesbro taught mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed students near his Nyack, New York, home until 1979, when he began writing full-time. He has written 16 books, including the "Mangos": Shadow of a Broken Man (1977), City of Whispering Stone(1978), An Affair of Sorcerers (1979), The ...

Alligators In Academe Jul 2012

Alligators In Academe

Syracuse University Magazine

Mystery is only one of the genres in which prolific writer Richard Hammer dabbles. lrue, he has won two Edgar Allan Poe Awards, but he has also written about the Vietnam War, politics, the civil rights movement, and other events of our times. He is a former New York Times reporter who has published also in many magazines. He wrote and narrated the film Interviews With My-Lai veterans, which won an Academy Award for best documentary. Both Ed gars came in the true crime category, for The Vatican Connection (1982) and The CBS Murders (1987). Other nonfiction works include Betwem ...

Killed Top To Bottom Jul 2012

Killed Top To Bottom

Syracuse University Magazine

Lnle do the well-meaning faculty members of Whitten College understand that TV executive Matt Cobb is, in truth, a high-level corporate snoop and trouble-shooter. Cobb is the protaganist of five novels by William DeAndrea. A sixth is coming soon. The fictitious Whitten College, the town of Sewanka, and some of the characters featured in this story were first created for DeAndrea's Killed \o/'ith a Passion, published in 1983. Other Cobb books are Killed in the Ratings (1978), Killed in the Aa(1981), Passion, Killed on the Ice (1984), and Killed in Paradise (1988; due in paperback this summer ...