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Poem, Miachel Firth Jan 1971

Poem, Miachel Firth


Bear me a child, For I am lonely, And I have failed. Take my seed In wanton casting. Fill my need...

Test Pattern, Donna Mckee Jan 1971

Test Pattern, Donna Mckee


T HEY played the National Anthem and said the sermonette. Sharon watched the test pattern for a few minutes, and then she flipped the set off...

Old Greyhounds, Roger Katz Jan 1971

Old Greyhounds, Roger Katz


The old Greyhounds come alive with soul, humming rhythms on miles and miles of groovy tune, carryin' the week-end gypsies,

Poem, Neva Wilson Jan 1971

Poem, Neva Wilson


Thistle and hardy brome Anchor me to the windy Iowa grasslands. This changeless, tradition-ruled scene Cradles cornstalks And workworn, tractor-driving conquerors...

Poem, Michael Firth Jan 1971

Poem, Michael Firth


Small buds drip green dew That soft winds lay down; Rain touches gently the earth And I see spring...

Winter D.O.A., Terry Gogerty Jan 1971

Winter D.O.A., Terry Gogerty


the earth bearing scars of careless surgery lies naked in the wind bleeding leaves which spurt from its wooden arteries. its liquid veins begin to clot writhing, it vomits the last warmth of life into the sky. chills and fevers heighten the agony and in the end a sterile sheet of snow is placed as shroud upon a weary, gnarled face..

Night Visit, Jo Anne Hagen Jan 1971

Night Visit, Jo Anne Hagen


THE FOG had rolled in from the coast in the twilight, a vaporous wave gathering substance in the purpling dusk. By nightfall it had become an impenetrable shroud lying low across the valley...

Haiku, Earl Keyser Jan 1971

Haiku, Earl Keyser


Painted, no longer, with the colors of sunset, black and barren limbs...

Summer Cottage, Linda Sampson Jan 1971

Summer Cottage, Linda Sampson


O SCAR POPHAM stood gazing at the huge Northern Pike mounted above the mantle of the lodge fireplace and read again the plaque's inscription: "Taken from Lake Carlana, 1932, by Oscar Popham and sons."

Quicksands, Judy Moran Jan 1971

Quicksands, Judy Moran


"' II *HE SAILS are in sight, they're coming!" shouted the lookJL out. He tied a battered piece of red cloth onto a bamboo pole and practically slid down the rough ladder. By this time, the children who had already been playing on the beach had made their way up to the point...

Sign Language, John Graham Jan 1971

Sign Language, John Graham


WHO—CHIEF? Naw, he just sets in that there rocker and stares at the street. Come out of the hills about two years back and got a job as a tourist attraction setting in front of Riley's here. Don't haf ta do nuttin'—ain't never heard him talk—prob'ly don't know English."

Calm Fires, Gary Zmolek Jan 1971

Calm Fires, Gary Zmolek


Upon the turning, tern-shouldered shore Huddled, crackling, driftwood-dying Spoutfires, tiny spots of light Spit little fires for warming hands. More dark than dazzling, these divided sparks That welcome, specks that promise heat. Something is spiritual in these flames; It is there with the wave's purling, the anemone, And the floating of the sand, the sandpiper's flight, The silent, unseen shifting of the tide..

Haiku, Deborah P. Young Jan 1971

Haiku, Deborah P. Young


Silently dimming Dusk; summer night deepening Villages of stars

"X" Marks The Spat, Mike Messenger Jan 1971

"X" Marks The Spat, Mike Messenger


"WHERE have you been, young man?" my mother asked as I came in the kitchen door. "Just messin* around/' I replied in the evasive vernacular of one who does not want his mother to know where he has been...

Elusive Thoughts, Jack Beddall Jan 1971

Elusive Thoughts, Jack Beddall



Senryu, Warpo Marks Jan 1971

Senryu, Warpo Marks


It has been written that when the platypus mates, nature lays an egg.

Asylum Letters, Joe Franko Jan 1971

Asylum Letters, Joe Franko


THE FLACCID-FACED fat man in the corner was the first to speak. He spoke in soft, almost cooing, sounds, letting the vowels gather roundness in his mouth...

Senryu, Earl Keyser Jan 1971

Senryu, Earl Keyser


Words stop as I push against invisible walls with impotent force...

Sharing The Rations, Dennis Smith Jan 1971

Sharing The Rations, Dennis Smith


TRAN RELAXED for a minute on the dike and looked skyward at the two rows of helicopters high above and watched their long swinging circle until his dark brown eyes lost them in the brightness of the morning sun...

The Auctioneer, Beverly Haines Jan 1971

The Auctioneer, Beverly Haines


THIS here little animal, ladies and gentlemen, is a bargain •*• at any price. She's not too big but on the other hand she eats less than your average size horse. A handy size for the kids to use. . . .

The Way, Marian Junker Jan 1971

The Way, Marian Junker


ONCE upon a time in a great forest on the western slope of a high mountain lived many animals and birds. The animals and birds had always lived in the forest...

The Uncle Artie Show, Judy Moran Jan 1971

The Uncle Artie Show, Judy Moran


O KAY, uh, Janie, what we want you to do is go through your dance one time. Oh, and make sure to stay on the wooden part of the floor, okay honey? Use little steps just right for your little feet."

I Don't Belong In Here, Jeanette Y. Holst Jan 1971

I Don't Belong In Here, Jeanette Y. Holst


I DON'T belong in here with all these old people. Mary put Daddy and me in here because she didn't want us to live with her anymore. She said it was because she couldn't take care of us, because Daddy was sick and I needed a nurse to watch after me...

The Photograph, Deanna Morse Jan 1971

The Photograph, Deanna Morse


THE LITTLE boy walked along the garbage littered curb. His faded blue corduroy jacket was nearly worn smooth in places. White threads hung out from a tear in his sleeve. His pants were rolled up at the cuffs, and baggy...

The Glove Of Indolence, Warpo Marks Jan 1971

The Glove Of Indolence, Warpo Marks


THERE dwelt in the land of Burigupp, beyond the known -*- latitudes, a Prince of Frogs. Mlagum he was called, the the Just One. Throughout the lands he cared for all; where there was no food, he fed; no shelter, he built. His name brought honor to every lip, and the Frogs were content...

The Interaction, Deanna Morse Jan 1971

The Interaction, Deanna Morse


"NAME three things that you are afraid of." Needles?' That's one. let's see. I can't think of anything else. "Needles?" "Yes. Hypodermic needles. That's all that I am afraid of."

The Sweeping Up The Heart, Marian Junker Jan 1971

The Sweeping Up The Heart, Marian Junker


It is very early in the morning. The stars have gone down, and the sun has not yet risen. New snow has fallen during the night, but it has stopped now, and it is bitter cold...

The Weary Traveler, Della Weems Jan 1971

The Weary Traveler, Della Weems


SARAH watched her rough hands as they slowly rubbed the egg off the plate. Th e water was already cold and greasy even though it seemed like she had just poured it from the kettle on the stove...

Elm Tree, Patricia Dennis Jan 1971

Elm Tree, Patricia Dennis


ebony arms etching the sky reaching, searching as if to surrender to the gods...

I Returned With Me Home, Craig Parsons Jan 1971

I Returned With Me Home, Craig Parsons


I returned with me home The other day To streets that I knew. Unchanged. Lined with trees. Studded with houses Like stones In a dime-store brooch...